Saturday, 30 July 2016

When I recently went on holiday, I decided I wanted to have my lashes and brows tinted so that when I was in the pool, they actually looked a little more defined and I wouldn't feel so bare faced. Although I was ultimately still not wearing makeup, I wanted a bit of definition. I had decided that going to get them done professionally was too much money and sort of gave up on the idea, until I spotted the Colorsport 30 Mascara Eyelash and Brow Dye Kit in Boots.

The set seemed pretty simple, 2 solutions (a liquid and a gel) which didn't involve any mixing, and could be used multiple times. I also chose this set because it takes a matter of minutes to do everything.

If I'm honest I noticed more difference in my brows, and will definitely keep tinting my brows with this set because I don't have to do as much work on them with makeup. A lot of my eyebrow hairs were quite fine and blonde and so they looked slightly misshapen even after I had groomed them, so this really helped me out. As for lashes, they did look a bit darker but not anything majorly different that I experienced with my brows. Perhaps it was because I was a little worried of having it near my eyes for too long.

Generally speaking though, this set is definitely worth the try. I got the Dark Brown version and it works perfectly for me, but there's also a Black version which might be better for those of you that want to see more difference in your lashes. They also have versions for Brows/Lashes alone, but to save money I went for the joint set. It's really up to your preference, but let me know in the comments if you've tried this out before, or similar at home sets.


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Whilst having a look around my makeup drawers the other day, I seemed to notice I had a wide collection of Maybelline products; some that I use daily and some that I tend to push to the back. So, I thought it'd be a wise idea to do my take on a 'brand focus' esque post, and share what I think are the best bits of the brand.

LIPS: I have quite my fair share of lip products, but for when I'm on the go, I always seem to throw a Colorsensational lippy in my bag. I think it's because I can slap them on without a mirror and they just seem to work well. To show just how much I like them, I even had Coffee Craze as my prom lipstick shade.

EYES: I think everyone knows of the Colour Tattoos, and I have 6 of them myself. On and On Bronze is the classic shade, and mine has near enough completely run out (and I will definitely be buying another ASAP), and is the best option for when you want a look that seems as though you have put the effort in, but really it was a one sweep wonder. Maybelline also do pretty well with mascaras. the Lash Sensational is my personal favourite and I've repurchased this countless times, but the Collossal Go Extreme and the Rocket and pretty good options too. I love how waterproof Maybelline mascaras can be and I'm always safe from smudging.

BROWS: The Brow Drama is one of the best budget brow gels I have found, and also one of the only ones to actually sit on the aisles of the drugstore. I go for the transparent, but I have tried the tinted ones too and they do a pretty good job aswell - something a little extra for the brows. I also actually use the Colour Tattoo in Permanent Taupe for my brows, something I've now been doing for months and don't think I will actually move away from. Like a Dipbrow alternative, this pot of wonder costs just under a fiver and gives me the perfect shade of ashy brown for brows that could last for days.

NAILS: Maybelline nail polishes also aren't a bad option. The Super Stay options really wowed me when I first used them - they genuinely were ''super stay''. For something a little quicker, the Colour Show 60 Seconds polishes are quick drying, but also rather pigmented and some of them can actually work with a single coat.

So, pretty impressive overall. Although I don't tend to go for Maybelline for base products (I prefer Bourjois, Rimmel and L'Oreal), their product range is pretty solid with quite a few gems in there. Definitely one I wander towards each time I go into Boots...


Monday, 25 July 2016

My hair often lacks volume, especially in the roots. Having my hair down usually ends up tucked behind my ears and flat to my face and ponytails end up making me resemble a boiled egg, so I'm pretty much always trialling new solutions to give me a bit of texture, and a bit of bounce too. 

The Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Texturising Spray offers me both of those requirements, so I thought it was about time to give it a try - especially considering this product has received a whole lot of hype in the past. I'd class this as a mix between a hairspray and a texturising spray, so not quite as powdery as some others, but it depends on your preference. For a budget option, it does serve rather well and helps me add the volume I need; especially useful for second day hair. 

The photo above is another way I use this product. Although you might be wondering why my hair isn't HUGE in the photo, by curls look pretty relaxed and soft - right? I find this spray a good option for loosening up curls so you don't have goldilocks ringlets all day, and instead something closer to a tousled curl. 

I'd totally recommend this if you are seeking a volume booster in the aisles of the drugstore, to avoid spending what might feel like an entire payslip on something from the likes of Oribe...


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

It's getting close to the summer holiday season yet again, and you can guarantee I am sweating it out in the gym most days a week in the hope of pulling together some sort of glowing bikini body in the next month or two (we'll see about that one), but there is no point of all the exercise if I don't have any bikinis to rock.

Most years, I really struggle to find a well fitting bikini, because my boob size to be honest isn't quite as proportional to the rest of my body and everything tends to look a bit off. But this year, I've found two perfectly fitting bikinis from ASOS, the one place I can pretty much always rely on. I'm not sure if these are still available as they were sale finds, but they have very similar styles anyway so it's worth a look.

The first is the Fuller Bust Girly Woodblock Print Marilyn Bikini, a triangle style which ties into a halter neck. I like this because of the thick band - it tends to offer me more support than similar style bikinis without it. I also love the pattern on this one - a pretty floral design in pastel shades.
The second is a little more intense, a mash up of animal print and floral designs - something I wouldn't usually go for, but unusually love. This is the Fuller Bust (these work best for me) Tropical Animal Moulded Plunge Bikini, yet again offering me lots of support. This also ties to a halterneck, and has underwire in proper cups for a more structured style than the former.

As I said, these fit perfectly, and I'll definitely be heading to the ASOS Swimwear if I am after any more for my holidays, and to be honest, knowing these pretty bikinis are waiting for me makes me work that extra bit harder at the gym...


Sunday, 5 June 2016

Topshop Waverly Wayfairer Sunglasses - £14

Usually, Primark sunglasses get me through the summer months mainly because I can't bare to spend more than £3 on a pair of sunnies that I'll probably leave in my bag to get scratched, lose, or even sit on and crush (talking from actual experience for that one). But, this year I happened to be looking in Topshop and fell in love with a frame I couldn't leave behind. 

I can't find the exact pair online but they are the Waverly Wayfairer frame style and there's a couple of other 'prints' if you will. I didn't think £14 was bad at all, and the fit of these is perfect. I have quite a slim face so I tend to get swamped by glasses but these are perfect. I had a pair similar last year but all black - this time I opted for still a black pair but they have a faint floral/palm print within the frame too which just adds an extra touch. 

To be quite honest, I've even been eyeing up another pair in this style online but I'm not sure I can allow myself to make the purchase, considering these are so loved anyway. I genuinely don't think it is possible for me to fall out of love with these, because they literally work with every item of clothing in my wardrobe. Never a complaint. 

I've found a similar pair here, just with a thinner frame, but to be honest I prefer these. Have a browse of the Waverly Wayfairer style and let me know your opinion. 
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