Dainty Doll Concealer - Abracadabra (003)

Friday, 8 March 2013

Hi everyone. My oh-so-kind bestfriend was nice enough to give me this concealer, as she ordered it for me after spotting the biggest bargain on Fragrance Direct, check it out! I'm hoping to order in a week or so, lets hope not everything is out of stock haha!
They are selling Dainty Doll products (by Nicola Roberts) for less than £3! The majority is £1.99 but there are a couple of items that give or take on this amount.
This concealer has a slight cream to powder finish, so it's lovely if you have a slightly oily skin.
This is the shade 003, and when it came it was literally orange (as you may see slightly below), as I think that the cream to powder had made it oxidize, but with a bit of rubbing it has reached the colour of my skintone.
Product Shot of the slightly oversized box and the actual concealer. It looks expensive!
Another Product Shot. £1.99
Still looks a little orange. I didn't want to rub it too much as I wanted a good picture! :)
This is a really nice product. It is pretty thick and the coverage is slightly better than average. It doesn't live up to me holy grail Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer, but it does it's job!
Are you planning on trying out any Dainty Doll products. Check in your local tkmaxx too, I have heard that some items are popping up in there!
Thanks for reading, I would love for you to comment and some followers would be lovely too, hehe :)
Lauren x


  1. This sounds nice! I have never tried anything from this brand before, so I'm curious! :)) Great post and pictures! <3


    1. Thanks! You should try some things out, the price is great! :)
      Thanks for your comment!
      Lauren x

  2. I am so happy you did a post on this, I've been waiting for a good one in a while!
    This sounds so lovely, I have always been tempted to try this brand, but never got round to it!
    Your pictures are really cute, as is your blog!
    Would you mind checking mine out?xx


    1. Thanks! You should look into buying some, I really recommend the brand!
      I checked out your blog, I followed, it's really lovely!
      Thanks for you comment!
      Lauren x

  3. I've just ordered this off amazon after seeing this post! They sell Dainty Doll on there too :) so excited to try it!!

    Jaime xx


  4. Love this brand and going to have to see if they have any left!



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