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Thursday, 14 March 2013

So, as a few of you other bloggers reading this may know already, Google Reader is disappearing on the 1st July, which means soon after that GFC and this RSS will also be going, not yet but soon after. I'm gutted. My blog is just starting to peak and I am getting new followers daily. I have read about this via other blogs and google, so any incorrect Info in here, well incorrect panicky ramblings...isn't what I have concluded.  I am upset about this...but there are solutions.

I would advise to create an account on bloglovin' as you can then follow all of the bloggers you already follow on this and the RSS will keep you updated with the latest posts. When you create an account you may be asked if you want to import the blogs you already follow to that feed.

I would be very thankful if you could follow me on bloglovin' using either the button to the right (the pretty girl face thingy) and that will take you to the right place to follow. One click will make me smile :-)

OR, use this link and follow there! - it's the same as the button, it's up to you which one you choose to do, I don't mind!

Thanks guys! I really don't want to start blogging again from square one.

Lauren x


  1. Followed you on bloglovin'! Hope you get lots of followers you deserve it!
    .Georgina Clare.

    1. Thanks, it is much appreciated! This Google drama has been driving me crazy!
      That is so sweet of you, thanks very much!

      Lauren x


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