GOSH Nail Polish Collection and Small Review

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Hi everyone! You may have seen that yesterday that I posted my collection of Gosh Soft and Shine Lip Balms, and today I am here to show you my very large collection of GOSH nail polishes. About a year ago, I got slightly addicted to buying nail polish and now I have ended up with a vast amount of polish, 16 of them being just GOSH.
So I will start now!
That's a lot of nail polish. 6 discontinued or limited edition and 10 normal shades.
Oh my Gosh! Haha, nope not funny. Do I see Gosh Holo there?!?
Limited edition/Discontinued Polishes: Im so lucky have a lot of the HTF (hard to find) most wanted polishes!
Left to right: Avantgarde, Magic Star, Rainbow, Holographic (549 Original), Holographic Hero (Relaunch of original) and Spot On! Pink.
Mmm..I do love my colours and pastels!
Left to right: Wild Lilac, Flamingo, Bubblegum, Miss Minty (LOVE IT!), Blue Balloon, Crisp Coral and Peachy.
The formula of GOSH polishes are incredbible, fast drying, easy to apply, and only 2-3 coats needed to reach full opacity. The colour range is great too!

The final 3 polishes.

Left to right: Gold, Silver, Miss Mole. The gold and silver are some of the best metallic polishes I have ever tried. They are such great polishes, and I would recommend these if stamping is something you do regularly and want some simple colours to stamp over everything!

What brand of nail polish is your favourite? I think I have a few favourites, but do you suggest any?
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Bye! Lauren x

**some of these polishes were sent for review. Visit my disclosure and PR page for more info. All opinions are my own and this post is in no way sponsored).


  1. There are some gorgeous colors in your collection!


    1. Thanks! I think I have managed to collect a great variety of colours now!
      Lauren x

  2. I actually never tried Gosh nail polishes, need to have a look in Superdrug :) x

    1. I definitely recommend them! The formulation is great!
      Thanks for your comment!
      Lauren x

  3. Are they expensive? Been looking for a good metallic gold for ages.

    Jaime xxx


  4. They are £4.99 each, but sometimes there are some offers on. For the quality the price is great! :)
    Lauren x

  5. Never tried Gosh nail polish but I do have a very large collection. I always tend to favour my barry m ones as they were the first reason i fell in love with polish haha!



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