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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Hey to all of Lauren's readers!
Once again, Megan from TheBeautyPier is back with a guest post whilst Lauren is internet-less. Whoever is dealing with Lauren's internet, please get a move on, we have *important* blog browsing, posting and video watching to do!

For a post to keep you all entertained, I am going to give you a write up on my handbag essentials. I never really take every single product around with me as I usually have a rather small bag, but this is what I take when I have the space, and if it isn't every item it will be a few still. Let's gooooo!

So, what you can see in the above image are handbag must haves, if you have a large bag!
1. Compact Mirror.
If you don't have a compact mirror, go and treat yourself to one, now! The one you can see is from Claire's, with a diamont√© owl which I thought was cute for £1.50! If you like to take around makeup products that have a mirror in them, then this isn't really needed but you never know when a stray hair pops up you need to pluck from your brow!
2. Cream Blush.
Cream blush is my saviour. I have dry skin, so cream blush is more moisturising than powder and it is easier to apply, as you don't need a brush on the go. The one featured here is Topshop Primer Time, which can fade so top ups may be necessary also!
3. Lipbalm.
If there was one thing you could only take with you, choose this! Cracked lips are a pain, especially in the lovely sunny English land, so this is vital! The one you can see here is Chapstick Apple Lip Balm.
4. Nail File.
I carry one of these everywhere as well as lip balm. This is my second ultimate take away product! When your nails break, you try to bite them into shape. Don't do it! That's what made me bite my nails again so pop one of these in your bag to avoid nail mishaps!
5. Blotting Sheets
We all know powder can be such a bother, with brushes needed to apply it which just take up way to much room, so if you suffer from oilness throughout the day, just press one of these Kleenex Blotting Sheets onto your face to absorb excess yucky stuff. There really effective!
6. Hand Cream.
Dry skin, perhaps dry hands? I know I get dry patches between my fingers so this is quite helpful to leave my hands soft. In the image you can see a mini OPI Avojuice in Vanilla Snowflake.
7. Hand Sanitizer
Maybe my third top hand bag must have? If you commute, then pick up one of these to keep your hands squeaky clean! This particular sanitizer is Hand Maid by Soap & Glory, which smells really nice too!
8. Lip Product of the Day
This one is pretty obvious, if you want to keep a fresh looking lip then carry your product around to top up! The one in the image is a Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey.
9. Concealer.
Usually I won't top up my concealer, just cover any new blemishes that have popped up since the morning. Above is the much raved about Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair.
So that's it! I apologise I didn't make it to 10, maybe a bag to put it in could fill that place?
Thank you very much for reading, come back soon, hopefully Lauren will be here tomorrow!
Megan x

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