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Saturday, 23 March 2013

So as you all probably know, I am internetless and have been for almost a week. I think im having withdrawl symptoms at the moment...
So how am I writing this post? I'm sitting on my bed, getting incredibly stressed as i try and type this posts on my phone thats trying to squeeze out internet roaming data megabytes and working at about 1 mile an hour.
The good news is that i should have comfortable internet access by monday/tuesday at the very latest. Never again will I agree to an internet switchover.
In the meantime, i am going to go shopping tomorrow and I will try and do a mini haul when I have internet. Other than that I am also spending my weekend writing numerous blog posts on Word so I can bombard you with many posts! :-)
I'm really sorry about this guys. Its a shame that i have just created this blog and already I am having to have a weeks break from it because of someone elses problem.
Once again i am sorry and I hope you understand what is happening.
Let me know in the comments what you would like to see when I can post :-)
Now i need to care for my thumbs after 10-15 minutes typing my mind on this tiny touchscreen and now I realise that on a computer this is going to look feeble..
Lauren x
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