Maybelline The Falsies Review (Before+After) and EOTD

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Hi everyone!
This mascara was purchased a while ago and I never reviewed it, so I thought now I would do it as I liked my eye makeup so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity! To see the EOTD, scroll down!
I like waterproof mascaras, so that is what this one is. It has a spoon wand with actual bristles, which normally I don't like, but I find this one curls and grips the lashes perfectly.
Mascara Product Shot. £8.99 Boots and Superdrug
Before the mascara:

Eye with no mascara.
After the mascara:
After the mascara. The top lashes actually look more lengthened in real life.
So the EOTD:
EOTD - products listed below. BROWS - Urban Decay Naked 2 (Tease)
So I started by using Bootycall from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette as a highlight colour. I then used the light colour from the NYC Duo in Eastside Brownstone, which I love, and sweeped that all over the lid. I took the darker colour on the outer third of the lid.
Over that I then applied some of the Rimmel GlamEyes Shadow in Backstage. Then In put a small amount of Tease from the Naked 2 into the crease, and then over that to deepen it slightly I went in with ELF Pebble, and then finally some of Blackout from the Naked 2 (just the smallest amount) and that just made the look a little more smokey.
I hope you have enjoyed this first EOTD of mine. Let me know your holy grail eyeshadow products!
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Lauren x


  1. Love this look! Gorgeous :)
    .Georgina Clare.


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