SheerCover Introductory Kit (Overview)

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Hi everyone! SheerCover has been talked about on the likes of QVC, and used by many makeup artists, day to day, and for events such as Britains Got Talent and X Factor. I have never heard anyone talking/raving about them in the blogosphere though. I recently recieved this in the post, and I thought it would be great to give you all an overview of all the products in the kit, and then I will upload various posts of each induvidual product in more depth. So, enough rambling, here are the products. (WARNING - Picture and Text heavy! :))
Everything included in the kit.
Studio Foundation Brush and Studio Concealer Brush
The packaging for these brushes is so pretty! A lilac/pink metallic and glass handle is something I swooned over when I opened the box. The softness is average, but I think it is because I am so used to my super-duper soft Real Techniques brushes.
Base Perfection Primer
This primer is really nice, and when I used it I found that it gave me a very glowy look to my skin. I do agree that it does what I claims on the bottle,mainly minimising pores, I'm a teenager so 'fine lines' aren't exactly my problem.
Duo Concealer ink Light/Medium
 This concealer is actually really good coverage and thick, but not drying, or not greasy. It's pretty good if you ask me! There is a lighter slightly pink toned one and a darker yellow toned one. Lots of things in this kit are designed to be mixed, to make sure that everything can match your skintone.
Sophisticate face palette. 
 This palette comes with a blush, 2 lip glosses, and 4 eye shadows. They are all great, not all of them are colours I would normally choose, but they are great nevertheless! I will keep you waiting until the review to show you the colours.
Mineral Foundation in Nude and Bisque
I have always wanted to try a mineral foundation, so I was excited about this. The coverage given is light/medium, so I would recommend a concealer too. It gives a really glowing finish though, it isn't drying in the slightest. The colours are a little dark for me, but I'm hoping to secure myself a tan this non-existent summer.
Extra Length Mascara in Black/Brown
I am a mascara addict, and I have to restrain myself from buying loads of them when I am shopping. This one looks really cool, perfect for a handbag touch-up kind of product. The wand is really nice, and when I use this I find it to really separate and lengthen my lashes.

So, that is everything in the kit! It costs £39.99 for which I think is a pretty good deal for 6 products and 2 brushes! :)

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Bye! Lauren x

*** This was sent for review. Please visit my disclosure page and PR page for more info. ***

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  1. this looks really good! i've never tried anything from sheercover before!x


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