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Monday, 22 April 2013

Hi everyone! This is the second blogging TAG I have made now, and I am so excited to tag everyone! I will get onto the rules, as every tag comes with some of them!

1. You MUST state that this TAG was created by (Lauren)
2. You must use the image I have provided in this post on your post.
3. You must title this post 'Behind the Scenes of Blogging TAG' so everyone knows what it is about!
4. You must tag at least one other person, but there is not a maximum limit! -You will need to comment on their blog to let them know that they are tagged.
5. Thank the person who tagged you and link their blog.
6. You must answer all the questions
Onto the questions:
1. Do you plan for each/some of your blog posts, if so, how do you do this?
I do, I mainy lay in bed if I can't sleep and think about posts and things, which is weird, and I also like to write it in my blogging notebook, which leads onto the next question!
2. Do you have a blogging notebook/diary where you write and plan about things to do with your blog?
Yep, as I just said in the last question. I did a post about it HERE so you can check that out after reading this post, and I find it really helpful when planning.
3. Do you feel pressured to buy things so that you have something to review on your blog?
At the moment, in the time I have been writing on this blog, I haven't had any problems with not having anything to post, but on my old blog, I ran out of nail polish to review, which lead to me spending a great deal of money, and I now have a mass of unwanted polishes...Blog Sale anyone?
4. Has the style of your posts/blog been influenced by someone else. If so, who?
I love Megan at 's blog, and I like to look at her blog for inspiration. The other main few contenders are I Covet Thee, Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter, Wonderland Wardrobe, and one of the main ones is Lily Melrose (llymlrs and etcllymlrs).You should all know who they are! I love them all!
5. What are your favourite posts to plan and write about?
I really love planning collection posts, whether that be fashion, nail polish or makeup related, they are just so fun to write! I also love OOTD posts, putting outfits together is so theraputic!
6. Do you think that your knowledge of makeup (and applying it) has improved because of blogging?
Definitely! A year or two ago, you could hand me a highlighter and I wouldn't know where it would go! I feel like I learn more and more when I watch tutorials on youtube, and looks people have created on blogs!
7. Do you test all products for a certain amount of time before you review them?
Kind of!? I won't test all products for the same amount of time, I just wait until I feel like I can write a good wad of honest text about a product.
8. Do you have any other websites for your blog? (e.g, twitter, youtube, bloglovin', or a facebook page etc.)
I have Twitter, Bloglovin' and Youtube! No facebook page yet, maybe one day?! I find that using other sites will get your blog more noticed after time.
9. Do you feel the need to buy something you have wanted EVEN more when you see your favourite blogger talking about it?
Definitely! If someone says something good about it, I will be in the shop, at that till, spending my pennies on whatever that product may be. I havent done it for a while, as I have tried not to set my eyes on anything, as I am on a spending ban..:(
10. Do you find taking pictures to be a chore, or not?
Most certainly not! Taking the pictures for my posts is one of my favourite things to do, I take way more than needed because I am having such a good time haha! I suppose the picture taking would be a chore if you had a bad camera and you weren't getting as many good pictures.
Onto Who I TAG!
*You don't have to do this, but it would be nice for a comment and possibly a follow if I do tag you, but no pressure there. You can also do this TAG if i havent tagged you already*
I hope you guys enjoy this TAG, and let me know if you do it or follow!
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Bye! Lauren x


  1. aw thanks for tagging me :-) no one ever has before! i totally agree with a lot of what you have said here. especially about make up application improving. two years i didn't have a clue and vaguely remember my blusher making me look like a bird with two cysts xxx

    1. You are welcome!
      Haha, I think we all made the mistake of looking overly rosy when we were younger..!
      Lauren x

  2. This is such a great tag!

    1. Thanks very much, I really appreciate it!
      It took a lot of effort to make, so it is very rewarding when people enjoy it!
      Lauren x

  3. Thank you for tagging me! I will be following you so i would love it if you could follow me back xxxx

  4. great tag! thanks for tagging me

    Kamila xx

    1. Thanks! And you are very welcome Kamila!
      Lauren x

  5. Thanks for tagging me love! This is super cute, I'll keep it in mind to do(:


    1. Thanks! You are welcome, let me know if you post it, and I will definitely read it!
      Lauren x

  6. this is so interesting, thanks for tagging <3

  7. Thanks for tagging me!

    heres mine

  8. Do you mind if I do this, I think it's a great TAG?! xxxx

    1. Yeah thats absolutely fine Laura!
      Be sure to let me know when you have done it, and make sure you copy and paste the rules!
      Lauren x

    2. Hi, I have just done it! If you would like to read it here is the Link:

      Thanks!! xx


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