Dainty Doll Frankie Girl Eyeshadow Base | Review

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Hi guys!
Dainty Doll is a brand created by the Girls Aloud star, Nicola Roberts, and I love it. I had my eye on this eyeshadow base, which I have spotted on the likes of Fragrance Direct and other discount places, but...I found this little guy in a POUND SHOP! What?! I nearly jumped around on the spot. I also got an eyeshadow, which will be shown soon in the next few weeks.
This eyeshadow base is a very pale white-beige, which and is a semi-matte, but still has a slightly sticky texture on the eyes, to help the shadow cling to it. Because it is so pale, it really helps the colour intesity too.

I used this the other day, and noticed hardly any creasing with my eyeshadow, and that is an achievement, as normally mine slides off during the day - not a good look. But this really helps that, so I am pretty happy with it!

Have you tried this? Try having a browse in any discount shops or maybe in pound stores, I keep seeing some good bargains in there!
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Lauren x


  1. Lovely post dear :-)



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