ELF HD Blush in Superstar - Swatches and Review

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Hi everyone! As you may know about 3 weeks ago ELF cosmetics were doing a BOGOF offer on all studio products. You have seen my haul post when the things arrived with small reviews on each, but now I have chosen to go back and do a full review on each product.

 This is a cream blush in a pump form. This one is a little dark though, as it is the second shade they have. I originally wanted the lightest one, but it was out of stock, as quite a lot of things are when there are offers on like this one was.
Grassy Product Shot. Superstar - £3.75
 Although it is dark, I find it is really easy to blend and it is very workable. For £3.75 a pop, you can’t really complain. I did find that when this came in the post it had separated a little, but a shake got rid of that and it was totally fine and useable!

Ooh pretty. A little more pink in real life though. :)

Superstar is a bright coral/red based pink, with no shimmer from what I see. It gives the skin a real glow and I absolutely love it! This is going to be great for the summer when you don’t want to be applying tons of matte powder products.
 Do you have any elf products? I absolutely love this one! When there is next an offer on I will be getting some more things I think!

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Bye! Lauren x

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  1. I love elf - so affordable! Looking into this blush now



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