Gosh Soft 'n' Shine Lip Balm (Barbie) | Review and Swatches

Monday, 29 April 2013

Hi guys!
As you may know, I already own a lot of Gosh Soft 'n Shine Lip Balms, and Barbie is one of them. When I was sent this one for review, I was so excited, because the one I have at the moment, melted, and broke. This one is so perfect! Well, it was, until I scraped it on the window, when I was waving it around going mental. Barbie is a stunning bright medium pink creme colour, with no shimmer, and has a sheen/glossy finish to it, and smells like vanilla. What more could you want from a lip colour?!

The lasting power of these is average, and last for at least an hour at a time, because as it is a balm rather than a stain/balm stain or a lipstick, it doesn't cling to the lips as much, it just makes the look more glossy, but the colour is highly pigmented.

I really love these balms, and I have 8 of them now.. Is that excessive? I suppose if you find a good product, you like to have lots of shades of them! But I have a feeling that they are discontinued now..:( 
Have you tried any of these?
Let me know in the comments!

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Lauren x

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