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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Hi! Today I will be doing a tag post for you all! I was tagged by my friend Megan at The Beauty Pier, who actually created this tag. I will just get started because otherwise this will be a long post! If I have tagged you (further down) could I ask that you say who tagged you (if your reading this then it's me) just so the person can be linked back to.

Copy and paste THE RULES:1) You must state this tag was created by Megan at TheBeautyPier.
2) You must tag at least one person to do this. However, the more the merrier!
3) Let the person know you tagged them with a comment on their blog.
4)Title this post 'Influences of the Internet TAG!'
5) Enjoy!

So, onto the questions!

1. Did other blogs convince you to start up your own?
I think so. I never really knew the concept of blogs, but I had heard of them. It started by reading Scrangie on a daily basis and then it kind of built from there. I made one blog, which was based on many other blogs, but it didn't go so well. I made this one which I love, based on my older one and I am very happy with it indeed :)

2. Have you joined a site because someone else in the blogosphere did?
YES! Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter mentioned a site called Photobox where you can get prints of photos, as when you signed up you got something around 100 prints, which I am collecting at the moment, before April 16th, as that is my 'deadline' haha.

3. Is there a tip/regime you've gotten from the internet that you now use?
I'm not really sure. I think I have gotten a lot better with applying makeup in general, as I am not pretty good with it, and it was all self taught or something from a video or blog.

4. If your favourite YouTube/Blogger personality likes a product, will that make you buy it?
Yep. I have heard people raving about all sorts of things, and I have quite a few of them. I can hear their voice in my head, and I just buy it, kind of like an impulse buy.

5. What do you look for in a blog that makes you want to follow?
The main thing I look for in a blog is that the pictures and content are of a good quality, and I like images to be large. I also like it when the layout is easy to navigate around and nothing is overcrowded or crammed into any one place.

6. Have you ever been decieved by a product that you ordered online? (e.g you thought it would be pink but it was coral)
Erm... I'm not sure. I suppose as Megan said, the dainty doll concealer was a little darker than expected. Also, the ELF pressed powder in Porcelain (the 'lightest' shade) didn't turn out to be all that light.

7. Have promo pictures and press releases given you the impression that a product will be better than it is?
If you remember those double ended Max Factor lip crayons, on the advert the red and gold one was shown, and it looked beautiful on the models lips. Then I swatched it in the shop and it wasn't the same, only on my hand, but one over the other. Maybe I was doing something wrong?

8. Is there a product you could give a 'cult' status for being so good that you discovered through the internet?
Probably the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, or maybe OPI or Barry M nail polishes. All 3 are great favourites of mine and I can't get enough of them!

9. Is there a product you have tried and hated, but others have loved?
I don't think so? I think that for me it is probably the other way round, as in, I will love something and everyone else will hate it.

10. Is there a Blogger/YouTuber that influences your fashion style? If so, who?
I think for me Zoe (Zoella280390 -all memorised, check out my dedication) has a big impact on my style. Since watching her videos I have almost found a new 'layer' to my wardrobe.

11. Is there a Blogger/Youtuber that influences your attitude each day/lifestyle?
Taliajoy18 on youtube is definately a huge impact on this. Her bravery is incredible, and when I worry, I will think of this. And also, Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter always has a positive attitude to whatever comes her way, even the bad things. Both of these lovely ladies are very influencial to my life.

12. How much time do you spend on the internet daily?
Please, don't ask. The 'just one more video' phrase pops into my head after reading this question. It is probably 2 hours daily, including homework and also blogging, and then catching up with all the new posts and videos. Guys, just stop uploading okay? ;)

I TAG!.... You, and.. (it would be lovely if you could follow me!)

By all means, you don't have to do this TAG, but if you do, have fun! Just make sure you say who tagged you, and copy and paste the rules!

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Bye! Lauren x


  1. thank you for tagging me lovely x

  2. Aw thank you! I'll need to go check out sprinkle of glitter blog, I've never been on it before :) x

    1. Aah! You so should, I am a little bit obsessed!
      Lauren x


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