MUA Lipstick Collection + Review

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Hi guys!
I love MUA. The price is great, and there are quite a few gems in their collection. Ranging from around £1 - £6, this brand is great for anyone starting to grow an interest in makeup. Don't get me wrong, some things aren't going to be incredible for a pound, but the good outweighs the bad with this brand.
I am a lip product junkie, and always stick to subtle colours, and a few brights in spring/summer. It seems I went a little crazy with my MUA lipstick purchases, but they were only £1 so hey ho. I think I may buy some more, like a staple red colour, a nude colour and maybe another pink.

Shade 2, Shade 4, Shade 12, Shade 16 (I think?!, if not, shade 14)
Shade 2 is plum...
Shade 4 is one I like..
Shade 12 has glitter in it...not shimmer.. GLITTER.
And Shade 16 looks awful on my skintone.
You can guess which is which haha!
Quality wise though, the lipsticks are great! I suppose when something is cheap, you will impulse buy whatever the colour it is..
I am really wanting to try the MUA Undress Me Too palette! Do you recommend it?
Sorry the post was short, I'm pressed for time as I am trying to attempt to learn almost 3 sides of spanish controlled assessment work for my exam! :/
I will do better next time, haha!
Lauren x


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