MUA Mega Volume Mascara | Review (Black) Before and After

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Hi everyone! As you may know, MUA is a great brand, first discovered for their £1 range of makeup, which was then built on to now cost between £1 -£6 with a range of incredible products. Some better than others - of course. I am annoyed that I didn’t get to pick up the waterproof version of this mascara; my Superdrug were crafty and as there wasn’t any waterproof in stock they place some more black ones in its row on the stand. But I actually do not have any problems with any smudging anyway! This mascara retails for £3.

What enticed me into buying this was the wand. It is plastic with long plastic bristles which really grip the lashes a lot. I hadn’t heard incredible reviews about this, but I wanted to try it and I kept looking at it every visit made to the Superdrug near me. One day I caved in and forgot about the average reviews, and I’m glad I did! No, this isn’t Maybelline, it’s not Benefit. It’s MUA and I freakin’ like it. It isn’t going to be the best mascara ever, but it does a good job of what it is mean to do!
Ooh Lashes!
I also own some other MUA products. I really want to try some of their palettes and I really should buy some more of their single shadows, as they are raved about some much in the blogosphere.
Do you own anything from MUA? I really recommend it!
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Bye! Lauren x


  1. Your lashs look really nice with this on, might try it! x

    1. Thanks! You definately should, it's great as it is only £3, great if you are on a budget (matching your name hehe)

      Lauren x

  2. This looks really good, might have to try it! I really want to try the MUA pro eyebrows palette :)

    Jaime xx

    1. You should Jaime, for £3 you can't really go wrong!

      I want to try that out too, but they have seemed to have stopped selling it in my local superdrug :( I will shop around and hopefully find it, otherwise an online order is coming my way.. Sorry purse.. ;)

      Lauren x


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