Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks Review + Swatches

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Hi guys!
I love Rimmel as a brand at the moment, and their new releases just keep getting better and better! These moisture renew lipsticks were actually found in a pound store, as they are now discontinued shades. I also found a few on Fragrance Direct, so go and have a look on there if you are interested!
The shade selection for these products are great, and the quality of them is incredible. They are super moisturising, and the pigmentation is great too.
L-R: Oxford Street Fuchsia, Fancy, Sweetheart Tulips
These lipsticks have a good lasting power too, and the colour intensity lasts a good amount of time too, as some lipsticks tend to fade a little over time. These don't even dry out the lips!
 L-R: Oxford Street Fuchsia, Sweetheart Tulips, Fancy
 I don't particularly like Fancy, as it is very shimmery/frosty on the lips, which looks really bad on me. The other 2 are great, but you have to be careful with Oxford Street Fuchsia, as too much can make it look very overpowering and almost purple toned.

Pretty Pigmented huh? I also really like the packaging of these lipsticks, metallic purple, with a slanted top, which makes them look very sophisticated. They are a little harder to store though, as I tend to like to see all the names by storing them upside down, but they just topple over! But the purple goes with my bedroom.. because I am weird like that and find that it makes it even better.

Have you tried any of these lipsticks? I am definitely going to check out my pound shops for more of these, as they are so good!

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Lauren x


  1. Those look really good - I'll definitely try to pick them up next time I go to a pound shop! I love the shade 'Sweetheart Tulips'.

    Kathryn x


    1. You should! For a pound a pop, it is an incredible bargain!
      I love that shade too! It is so lovely on the lips!
      Lauren x


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