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Friday, 10 May 2013

Hi guys!
So as you know, a few months to a week ago, I did a giveaway with some of these products, but I was also given one of each to try myself. I wanted to try them out properly so I could give you guys an in-depth review, and I could really tell you if they have worked or not.
Treatment Cream
Treatment Cream :
If I am honest, this is the one product that I find does the least for whats already on mny skin, out of this range. It helps, as I find it really good for preventing more blemishes from popping up overnight. As far as clearing current blemishes and fighting marks, not so much. Redness is reduced a small amount, but nothing really noticeable.
Wash and Mask.

Wash and Mask:
This is my favourite of the range. You can use it daily as a face wash, or use it 2-3 times a week as a mask that you leave on for a minute. I have used it as a wash 1-2 times before, as I prefer to use it a couple of times a week for the mask, as it is much more effective on the skin. I find following on from using this, my skin will look a lot better in the morning. The redness is reduced, and the blemish size has slightly decreased in size.
I find that the scrub is abrasive enough to combat my blackheads and things, but doesn't feel too harsh on my skin. I think this has a little bit of an effect on my skin, which is a light loss of reddness and size in blemishes. I don't really like the texture of this scrub as much, I find it quite thick, and so hard to spread out to be able to get a good scrub on all areas of the skin, but I work with it the best I can, and haven't had any major problems.
Overall, I will recommend this range to anyone who has a combo/oily and possibly normal skin, and is prone to breakouts or blemishes. I won't recommend this to anyone with a dry skin, as the bottle does say that is may cause drying, due to fighting the blemishes and the ingredients.
Have you tried anything from this range, let me know what you think!
I am off on holiday tomorrow, so you may see a break from me, or if I can get some WiFi access, I  may be able to post - but every blogger needs a break!
Can we get me to 75 followers in the 10 days I am gone?
Thanks for reading, come again soon!
Lauren x

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