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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Hi Guys!
As you know, GOSH is a brand I am very much in love with, but do not actually buy a lot of in store. When I was sent some lip products to review (all opinions are honest), I got very very excited. I wasn't too excited about this Lip Marker though, as I had heard so much about how drying lip stains were etc. etc. etc. 
This one, is drying. Though, there is no issue with it once you have lip balm under and over it. It smells really nice, which is unusual for a stain, and it also tastes as good as it's scent (sweet, but a little fruity?). 

Sorry about the such dull looking pictures, I haven't added any contrast to them, as I didn't have time. 

So, the one this I do not like about this product is that it is patchy, especially when it is first applied. I can work with it, but as shown on the lip swatch, it is pretty difficult to get it perfectly even. For me, red isn't a colour I wear regularly, as with any bright colour, but I am try to branch out more this season. 

As you can see, it is a little patchy, and does bleed in some areas. But the colour is very pretty. It is a vibrant cherry red, and I do really like it with a red GOSH lip gloss over the top, and it definitely makes the product less drying. I wouldn't recommend this product if you do always have dry lips, and I will not be wearing this in winter, because lip stains plus chapped lips probably will not be good.
But in the summer, this will me AMAZING for some sweat proof makeup, as I swatched this on my hand, and after 2 showers, a bath and many many thorough hand washes, it finally faded!

So, have you tried this?
What do you think about lip stains?

Thanks for reading, bye!
Lauren x

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