Off on Holiday - 10 Days of No Posts?

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Hi guys!
As you may already know, I am off on holiday today/tomorrow, and I am really quite excited about it. With all the stress of packing and last minute rushes to the shops, I haven't had time to write any posts to publish while I am there or to have any time to organise guest posts.
Then I sat, and thought to myself... I want this to be a holiday, full of relaxation and stress free. Nothing like tapping my foot in the hotel lobby while waiting to try and publish a post using the WiFi, or trying to manage an email inbox full of bloggers wanting to guest post.
So, I hope you understand, that we all need a break, and I will be back very soon (10 days!), and I should be posting then!
Would you like to see a 'lifestyle' type post if I collect lots of pictures?
Thanks for reading, and if you are new here, please follow, I am trying to get to 75 by the time I am back!
Lauren x
Just a sneaky peak of an OOTD coming in the next couple of weeks!


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