A Bargainous Weekend of Hauling

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Hi guys!
Another weekend, another haul. I don't feel too bad about this haul though, as nothing cost me more that £4.50, that's pretty good. I went to the beach with my family and I visited a bargain beauty shop, so that is where a few of the things some from. Little pic inspired by Megan here:

So, I will start with the things you see above, as they were the things I got in the shop called 'Facial Attraction' - a bargain beauty store. 

I got this neon pink Sinful Colors polish. Megan has this, and I have been wanting it for AGES. It really is neon, as it has a blue/purple undertone and shimmer to it, which gives it even more of a neon sheen. This was only £1.99 and it's called Daredevil. It is opaque in 2 coats (yep, I already have it on!), and it dries really quickly - great for the small price tag!

The next thing I got was £2.99, another bargain. It is the Dainty Doll Cream Blush in Paper Roses, a simplistic pale pink blush. My collection of Dainty Doll products is increasing, but I still think I should have got some more items yesterday! Ah wells, there is always Fragrance Direct. 

The last 2 things from that store were a whopping £1.99 each - BARGAIN! They are the Rimmel Kate lipsticks. I got one of the matte ones, in shade 101 which is a pale purplish pink matte colour, and then I got 16 in the non-matte formula, which is a pinkish coral colour, which is so nice!

Moving on to the other shops, this was yet another pound shop bargain. This is a Revlon Colorstay nail polish is Provence, which is a grey-lilac colour, it is really nice and I cannot wait to try it. For £1, I couldn't leave it, and MissGlamorazzi loves these polishes, so another reason to buy! 

So, as you may have seen on Megan's blog, Dorothy Perkins had an amazing jewellery sale, and I had to get these cute pack of earrings! I have been really into wearing earrings everyday at the moment, and I was in the mood for some new ones. These are just little 'embossed' square studs, there are 2 neon, 2 pastel and 2 metallic colours, and once I had seen Megan with them, I had to go out the following week to get them!

I then got the B. 'Pure Micellar Water' as a makeup remover/Bioderma substitute. I'm pretty sure that I will be the last person to buy a bottle of Bioderma.. This was on offer for £3.32 and the woman at the till was telling my how amazing it is, so I just went for it and bought it! Good ol' Superdrug..

The random purchase of the week was these pens I got off of Amazon for £4.48 including P+P. I got these for revision and planning for my CA's at school, as that's the way I like to learn! I was going to buy a pencil case, but I couldn't find one, so I just will use one I have at the moment.

That was all my hauling this weekend, its a little big, but everything was on some sort of offer r discounted price!
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Lauren x

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Goodbye GFC...

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Hi guys, just a quick update!
I am a little exhausted, I spent the day with my family at the coast today, and also had a rather successful bargainous haul, so look forward to that tomorrow.
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Thanks, Lauren x
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Rimmel GlamEyes HD Quad in Heart of Gold

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Hi guys!
I love neutrals, and I always tend to play it safe with my eye makeup. You won't really ever see me sporting a smokey eye, or anything blue, green or purple. Or anything coloured as a matter of fact. I'm all a bit 'ooh, UD Bootycall over the lid' 'ooh, dark taupe crease', and that's the way it goes a lot of the time. I should definitely experiment a lot more.
When I found this quad in a pound shop I jumped for joy. I had seen the one that look exactly like a Union Jack with the pink and blue, and had always hoped there would be a neutral one out there somewhere.

So in this quad, you are greeted with a dark pinkish nude shimmer, an extremely yellow-gold shimmer, a coppery golden shimmer, and a dark, almost red toned brown shimmer. They are all really lovely colours, and I think that this palette/quad could become a staple in my collection very easily.
I love Rimmel eyeshadows. They are buttery soft, and have a great colour pay-off. I feel as if they are very long lasting as well, because there's something about the texture that just seems to make them stick - even without primer sometimes.
These swatches are literally just me wiping the tip of my finger on the pan once, so this can be built up a LOT more for intense pigmentation.  
I have my eye on another one of these now, called Green Park. It consists of some really lovely muted greeny neutral colours, so I am hoping that that one may pop up in the pound shops too! To be honest, no matter what the colours were, if it was a pound, I would be happy to buy it! You never know what colours you might need if you want to do a tutorial or something! :)
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MUA Undress Me Too Palette

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Hi guys!

Everyone loves a good bargain, and when that bargain is a dupe for a high end product, it's even better. 

We all get very excited about the MUA Undressed Palette, which is an exact UD Naked Palette dupe, but I never got round to buying it. Even weirder, I got the Undress Me Too, which is a dupe for the Naken 2, which I already own. I guess I just wanted a backup, as I wasn't prepared to buy another £36 palette. 
It is safe to say that it is pretty much an  exact dupe, as I have made a comparison and I may be posting that in the future. I would say that this one has near enough the same lasting time, if anything a tiny bit less time if you don't wear a primer. 

Here you can see all the amazing colours in the palette. There are 3 mattes and the rest are shimmers, but I really would like to buy some more matte shadows as I am growing to love them more and more. This palette is £4, which is about 30p an eyeshadow - such a great deal!

The first 6 colours are (top 3): Naked, Devotion, Shy, (bottom 3): Tranquil, Exposed, Reveal.

Then once again: (Top 3): Fiery, Lavish, Creamy. (Bottom 3): Wink, Obsessed, Corrupt. 
So they are all the colours, and as you can see they are really familiar to the UD ones. 
Now, I seem to have lost the swatches of this palette, but you shall see them when I do the comparison post, so I am very sorry about that guys, I will do better next time. 
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Lauren x

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New 2True Pastel and Glitter Nail Polish

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Hi guys!
So as shown in my recent haul, I picked up some 2True nail polishes after seeing them on Etc Llymlrs, and I also said that when my nails wheels arrived, I would do a post/review. 
I have one of the new pastel shades to show you and one of the new glitter shades, and if I can, I will certainly be getting more! I had my eye on a really pretty pastel coral colour, which was amazing. 

Shade 4 of the Glitteratti Polish is really pretty. It is a combination of small round glitter, and medium hex glitter in a cobalt blue colour, and a purple-pink colour all in a clear base. You get a good amount of glitter in each brush load, but sometimes you can get lots of one colour, so you may need to fish out pieces from the other colour, but its not that bad. This is also a very smooth once dry for a chunky glitter polish like this one.

Shade 16 is the pastel purple. Supposedly a Models Own Utopia dupe, this is the polish I had my eye on. I love an affordable dupe. It is a very pale pastel purple, more grey toned than pink, creme polish. It is really pretty, and I will be wearing this lots in the summer. It would also look great with a tan. 

In these swatches, I used 2 coats of Shade 16 shown on the left, and 1 thick coat of shade 4. As you can see, you do get a generous amount of glitter in one thick coat, but it still dries quite quickly, unlike some glitter polishes, where even if you apply a very thin coat they will feel tacky for what seems like hours. 

Overall, these are great nail polishes, and for £1.99 a pop or 3 for £5, with an amazing new range of pastels and glitters, along with their core collection of brights and staple colours, you should definitely go and check them out yourself. 
Do you own any 2True or bargain drugstore products, let me know in the comments? I love a good quality bargain. 
Thanks for reading,
Lauren x 

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Bargainous Weekend Hauling

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Hi guys!
So at the weekend, I did the usual of going shopping. I only wanted one thing, but I ended up with more. I do want to start saving my money though, as I am after some storage drawers to keep all my makeup up in, and the ones I have my eye on are around £80 - I need some sort of spending ban. Now. By the way, I managed to get hold of my dads Canon DSLR to take these photos, let me know what you think!

So the first 2 things I got were socks. The first pair are these studded ones, which were reduced to £1, from£1.50. I know, I know, it's not a huge saving. But I had been wanting these for a while and now I have got them, with a reduced price, which just makes it all that bit better!

The second pair were the well loved lace socks that everyone is buying. I thought these would look really cute with some tan sort of booties or brogues and a skater or lace dress in the summer, and now I want the other colours!

 So, if you don't know me, you may not know that I am obsessed with Lily Melrose (aka - llymlrs), and the other day I was looking through her blog posts and came across a post about some new 2True Shades for S/S13. One of them being a Models Own Utopia dupe. I was excited. I went to get this, and then... I ended up with a super cool glittery one too. I have ordered some nail wheels online, so you shall be seeing a review on my blog shortly!

I popped into Dorothy Perkins after Megan had managed to get some incredible jewellery bargains in there. Being some sort of religious monochrome wearer/lover, I couldn't pass up the great offer of this dainty yet edgy set of a monochrome triangle necklace and some black triangle earrings, for just £3. It was too good to leave. 

Finally, this was what I originally went shopping for. I wanted this because my skin has been annoying me a LOT recently, and after trying and loving this before, I thought I should just buy it anyway. My mum had a £2 off Revlon voucher, so the unlikely drugstore price was forgotten, and this was in my bag. I got a well-loved No.7 voucher too, so that was  a slight bonus to the trip.

Have you been doing any hauling recently? Let me know in the comments!
Thanks for reading, 
Lauren x 

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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Hi guys!
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My Everyday Makeup Products | Youtube Video

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Hi guys! I have recently been considering doing some youtube videos that have my face in them. This is my first on this channel, and it would be great if you guys could leave some nice comments and subscribe to my channel. I'm going to see how the response is with this video and then decide whether I should do weekly/half weekly videos as a routine - it takes a lot of work you know!

Thanks guys, I hope I see you all there on my subscribers list!
Lauren x

GOSH Giant Sun Powder

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Hi guys!
Bronzers are my addiction, but though I look at them in the shops every time I go, I only own about 3 bronzers. This product is definitely not a contour colour, as it is packed with shimmer and when on the skin it almost has a metallic sheen to it. Now, I will just say it now. I have no idea when I will use this. It is gold. I think this would look absolutely beautiful on darker skin as a golden blush/highlight, but on my skin, it looks bad. 

It's pretty huge. As you can see in the above picture. Which makes me consider even more if I will ever hit pan on this. Or if I will ever use it anyway, because I don't really have any idea how to?

I do like the packaging. Matte black with glossy logos are the ticket for me. So basically, I don't like the product itself, but I like what the product comes in. 

Here is it swatched, and blended out, and it is still very, very gold. An eyeshadow would be a nice in this colour actually... But I suppose if you had a tan and a very not-dense brush, you could manage some sort of golden glowiness, but it just doesn't work for me. This is in the shade 001, but I cannot seem to find any other shades anywhere online.

If you are interested in this, or think that it could work for you, you can buy this HERE for £13.99, but you get double the amount of a normal bronzer. 
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The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club Perfume Box

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hi guys!

I am a sucker for good scents, so getting sent this perfume box to try out was very exciting for me. I received it a few weeks ago but I wanted to try out all the perfumes properly so I know about them. 
So, I will just start now, so that this post doesn't go on for reams and reams. 

Here are all the perfume samples that are included in this box. There is a great selection!

The first perfume is Vera Wang Lovestruck (floral rush). It is described as 'a rich floral bouquet that blooms with instant attraction'. It definitely is just that. It is floral, but not too overpowering, as there is a subtle under-scent of something sweet which balances it out. It really is nice. This perfume costs £34.50 for 30ml. It has a lasting time for 3-4 hours, which is better than some perfumes. 

The second perfume is Nina Ricci's Nina L'Eau. This is by far one of my favourite perfumes in the box, and if I was one to splurge on perfumes, this would be one of them, but it isn't even too pricey. This is a mix between floral, fruity and 'powdery' warmth of musk there too. This retails for £24.99 for a 30ml which isn't too bad. The lasting time for this one is about 4+ hours, depending on how much you put on, which is average for a higher end perfume. 

I will admit that I was most excited to try out this one, as Juicy Couture perfumes are well raved about on the internet. I wasn't wowed by the scent that all the hype built it up to be, but it definitely is something I would spritz onto myself if I had a bottle of it myself. This perfume screams out femininity, slightly fruity yet floral, much reminding me of the DKNY Be Delicious perfume my mum always wore when she had a bottle. It is nice. 

This one also excited me a bit. The only thing I don't like is that the mini sample bottle doesn't have a spray thing on it, and I am really scared to open in because I know I will get perfume everywhere. But I opened it and BOY it smelt good! It is everything you want in a floral perfume. The bouquets are there, but then there is that powdery scent underneath which makes it much more subtle and no headaches will be happening whilst wearing it. No-one likes that feeling. This is £32.50 for 30ml. This lasts for about 4-5 hours so pretty good. 

The final perfume in this box is Just Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli. It is descried as 'a creamy floral' and I don't think it could be described by me or my nose in any other way. It's not creamy in a desert way or anything, but just in a way that makes the floralness less harsh. Making words up there, well done me. But this is a really lovely perfume, which I would recommend to everyone. This is £29.50 for 30ml. And it also lasts for about 4 hours, which isn't too bad.

Thanks for reading guys, what is your favourite perfume? Let me know in the comments!
Bye! Lauren x

My New Rose Gold Watch

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Hi guys!
So today, I was just browsing around the shops, not planning on buying much, apart from some trousers for school (which I actually did get aswell), and somehow I ended up at the till in TkMaxx with this little bargain in my bag! They had a few watches there, but none of them were very interesting, except for when I peered into this box, and saw a rose gold watch staring at me! I had wanted one for so long, I immediately had to buy it. It's nice to treat ourselves once in a while and for £16.99 for a really pretty watch like this, I couldn't say no! Not all of us can fork out for a Michael Kors accessory, and this Jules+James one still ticked all of my boxes!
It took a little bit of adjusting to make it fit (thanks Dad for working wonders with your toolbox), and now I don't think it will be missing out on a single day on my wrist. It was such a bargain.
You can probably tell by my rambling that I m oh-so excited. 

It also came with a little grey wrap-bracelet with rose gold studs on it too, which I thought I could wear on the other wrist. 

Finding this watch actually excited me, as I have been lusting after a rose gold one for months now. It's not overly pink which is what I worry about in Rose Gold watches. This is just the perfect balance between pink and gold, and I love it. 
I feel like this is an accessory that I can wear with ever outfit, because it is a statement but also has a sense of simplicity about it, not overpowered by tons of gems of crystals. I think I have found exactly what I was looking for. Yay!

Have you treated yourself this week? If not, do it! Even if it's just a late night bar of chocolate, go for it!
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Lauren x

Lush Haul

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I was lucky enough to go to the Graduate Fashion week on Tuesday, and then for the past few days I have had a relax and basically just been searching up on Google some of the models I saw there, haha. If you would like to see a post, let me know in the comments!
So, I love Lush. When I went the other week, I had to stop myself from buying the entire store, and I sort of did ok. I came away with 3 things which I am very excited to use. 

The first thing I got was the Blackberry Bath Bomb. I am pretty sure I smelled this at Christmas and it reminded me of blackcurrant squash, (just like the comforter did) but now they both smell a lot more subtle, and this one is even almost a little sherbet-like. 

I also repurchased the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, which didn't have a flower on it. But I really love bubble baths, and this makes a lot of bubbles, even when you only use a quarter or so. It smells like sweets/candy and I love it. The white bits in the bubble bar are very moisturising and I guessed that they were bits of bath melt, to make it soft.

You can only deal with blemished skin for so long. I decided it was time to take some action on the skin I am not very happy with, and although I haven't noticed a massive difference yet, it's only been a week. I will say that it has worked as a preventative though. It really refreshes the skin and if you wanted you could use this throughout the day as a skin pick-me-up. 

Finally, my good side came out when I was asked at the till if I wanted to donate £1 to charity buy purchasing a sample size of this Hand and Body lotion. I definitely am not a fan of the scent, but it moisturises my hands well and I do like it lots for what it does.

So, that was my small Lush haul. I know I have done 2 haul posts in a row now, but you guys seem to like them and I also like to write them. I will have some reviews coming soon though!

Thanks for reading, don't forget to follow via GFC and Bloglovin'!
Bye! Lauren x

Big Beauty Haul

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Hi guys!
As you know, I went on the mammoth shopping trip with Megan yesterday, and I bought a lot of things. If you would like to see what clothing items I bought, then feel free to leave me a comment requesting that, but today is just for makeup - we got very excited about the Superdrug 3 for 2 offer. I will be reviewing everything in the future, so look out for that!

I got this cream blush, for the beautiful colour, and also because I have heard it being talked about so much on the internet via blogs and YouTube. It really does live up to the hype from what I have used so far! I love it lots.

I bought a staple makeup item. It is of course a repurchase of the famous Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder. It is so nice, because it doesn't feel heavy at all, but prevents an oily complexion nearly all day. 

Now. I didn't want this. I actually picked up the Maybelline the Rocket, and went to buy that, but after asking if we wanted to swap the mascara, and us refusing she managed to sneakily, or by mistake, put this into my bag instead. I was very angry, and the only way to calm down was to remember that it was the free item. Its an OK mascara, I just wish the woman would have payed more attention, as I really was after a waterproof mascara on that trip. 

See that? Urban Decay Naked 2 dupe right there. I didn't want to run out of £36 worth of eyeshadow, because I use it everyday, so this is my backup one, which I will also use. For £4, you are making over £30 savings. 

I really love the MUA Power Pouts. I bought this one in the shade Broken Hearted and it is a lovely glossy, bright (berry toned) pink. It is really lovely, and I will be wearing this a lot whilst I embrace the bright lip this summer, I want to try it out more. 

This is a wonder product. Essie Good To Go topcoat. I really like this, as you can put it on, and it will make your nail polish completely dry, and also will make it really glossy. I found that my nail polish peeled off a great deal whilst wearing this, but that might have been to do with the polish I had on under. 

Mint green nail polish is one of my obsessions. Considering I have almost demolished my GOSH Miss Minty, I thought I would go ahead and get one of these, considering I was in a splurging mood, and I have been eyeing it up for a long time. I am very excited to use this. This is the Rimmel one, in Peppermint. 

Lychee. So. Pretty. I also love nude nail polish, but I don't own any until now. This is perfect, not too grey, not too pink, just a lovely in between. I like the look of 'mannequin hands' as people call it, as it complements any outfit.

I have heard a lot of good things about these 'Pout Polishes' by Sleek. I picked up the one in Powder Pink, as it was a pretty medium-pale pink which I like a lot. I am yet to properly try it, so I can't really say much about it yet. 

I wanted to try this foundation, but didn't want to spend £10.99 on something that will cover close to nothing on my skin. But whilst browsing round a local market of that town, I found this, with some other foundations, for £5. How exciting! I am more than sure that this is a genuine product, and I am very excited to use this, and with such a saving, I don't think there was any reason not to buy it!

Have you done any shopping this weekend? Let me know what you think of the things I got in the comments, or if you have tried any!
Thanks for reading, don't forget to comment and follow via Bloglovin' and GFC before it goes away :(
Lauren x

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