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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Hi guys!
Bronzers are my addiction, but though I look at them in the shops every time I go, I only own about 3 bronzers. This product is definitely not a contour colour, as it is packed with shimmer and when on the skin it almost has a metallic sheen to it. Now, I will just say it now. I have no idea when I will use this. It is gold. I think this would look absolutely beautiful on darker skin as a golden blush/highlight, but on my skin, it looks bad. 

It's pretty huge. As you can see in the above picture. Which makes me consider even more if I will ever hit pan on this. Or if I will ever use it anyway, because I don't really have any idea how to?

I do like the packaging. Matte black with glossy logos are the ticket for me. So basically, I don't like the product itself, but I like what the product comes in. 

Here is it swatched, and blended out, and it is still very, very gold. An eyeshadow would be a nice in this colour actually... But I suppose if you had a tan and a very not-dense brush, you could manage some sort of golden glowiness, but it just doesn't work for me. This is in the shade 001, but I cannot seem to find any other shades anywhere online.

If you are interested in this, or think that it could work for you, you can buy this HERE for £13.99, but you get double the amount of a normal bronzer. 
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**This product was sent for review. I hope you appreciate my honest opinion of this product. If you are a PR company wishing to contact me about this, or would like more information, visit my disclosure page for more info**

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  1. This bronzer looks amazing, I love bronzers too but i barely own any! Shame this one doesn't work for you, hate it when that happens!( x

    - Jayne

    Electra Violet


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