My New Rose Gold Watch

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Hi guys!
So today, I was just browsing around the shops, not planning on buying much, apart from some trousers for school (which I actually did get aswell), and somehow I ended up at the till in TkMaxx with this little bargain in my bag! They had a few watches there, but none of them were very interesting, except for when I peered into this box, and saw a rose gold watch staring at me! I had wanted one for so long, I immediately had to buy it. It's nice to treat ourselves once in a while and for £16.99 for a really pretty watch like this, I couldn't say no! Not all of us can fork out for a Michael Kors accessory, and this Jules+James one still ticked all of my boxes!
It took a little bit of adjusting to make it fit (thanks Dad for working wonders with your toolbox), and now I don't think it will be missing out on a single day on my wrist. It was such a bargain.
You can probably tell by my rambling that I m oh-so excited. 

It also came with a little grey wrap-bracelet with rose gold studs on it too, which I thought I could wear on the other wrist. 

Finding this watch actually excited me, as I have been lusting after a rose gold one for months now. It's not overly pink which is what I worry about in Rose Gold watches. This is just the perfect balance between pink and gold, and I love it. 
I feel like this is an accessory that I can wear with ever outfit, because it is a statement but also has a sense of simplicity about it, not overpowered by tons of gems of crystals. I think I have found exactly what I was looking for. Yay!

Have you treated yourself this week? If not, do it! Even if it's just a late night bar of chocolate, go for it!
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Lauren x


  1. Omg i love it, it's gorgeous!

    Kamila xx

  2. I need to take a trip to tkmax and get that it looks so lovley for such a good price, btw iv followed you on bloglovin, hope you reach your 50! :) x


  3. Your watch looks beautiful. It’s really good to invest on a real classic watch like this one. It’s a great accessory that can match any outfit you wear. I also like the idea that it came with a grey wrap-bracelet. That will definitely add a nice pop of color to your wrist!
    Melissa Yoder @ South Florida Coins & Jewelry


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