Rimmel GlamEyes HD Quad in Heart of Gold

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Hi guys!
I love neutrals, and I always tend to play it safe with my eye makeup. You won't really ever see me sporting a smokey eye, or anything blue, green or purple. Or anything coloured as a matter of fact. I'm all a bit 'ooh, UD Bootycall over the lid' 'ooh, dark taupe crease', and that's the way it goes a lot of the time. I should definitely experiment a lot more.
When I found this quad in a pound shop I jumped for joy. I had seen the one that look exactly like a Union Jack with the pink and blue, and had always hoped there would be a neutral one out there somewhere.

So in this quad, you are greeted with a dark pinkish nude shimmer, an extremely yellow-gold shimmer, a coppery golden shimmer, and a dark, almost red toned brown shimmer. They are all really lovely colours, and I think that this palette/quad could become a staple in my collection very easily.
I love Rimmel eyeshadows. They are buttery soft, and have a great colour pay-off. I feel as if they are very long lasting as well, because there's something about the texture that just seems to make them stick - even without primer sometimes.
These swatches are literally just me wiping the tip of my finger on the pan once, so this can be built up a LOT more for intense pigmentation.  
I have my eye on another one of these now, called Green Park. It consists of some really lovely muted greeny neutral colours, so I am hoping that that one may pop up in the pound shops too! To be honest, no matter what the colours were, if it was a pound, I would be happy to buy it! You never know what colours you might need if you want to do a tutorial or something! :)
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  1. Oohh that's so me... I should probably experiment a lot more with my eye makeup, but I'm a neutrals kind of girl! Actually I'm looking for something like this quad as I think it's perfect to carry around in your purse, so thanks for the post 'cause I don't think it's gonna take me long to pick it up! :)



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