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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hi guys!

I am a sucker for good scents, so getting sent this perfume box to try out was very exciting for me. I received it a few weeks ago but I wanted to try out all the perfumes properly so I know about them. 
So, I will just start now, so that this post doesn't go on for reams and reams. 

Here are all the perfume samples that are included in this box. There is a great selection!

The first perfume is Vera Wang Lovestruck (floral rush). It is described as 'a rich floral bouquet that blooms with instant attraction'. It definitely is just that. It is floral, but not too overpowering, as there is a subtle under-scent of something sweet which balances it out. It really is nice. This perfume costs £34.50 for 30ml. It has a lasting time for 3-4 hours, which is better than some perfumes. 

The second perfume is Nina Ricci's Nina L'Eau. This is by far one of my favourite perfumes in the box, and if I was one to splurge on perfumes, this would be one of them, but it isn't even too pricey. This is a mix between floral, fruity and 'powdery' warmth of musk there too. This retails for £24.99 for a 30ml which isn't too bad. The lasting time for this one is about 4+ hours, depending on how much you put on, which is average for a higher end perfume. 

I will admit that I was most excited to try out this one, as Juicy Couture perfumes are well raved about on the internet. I wasn't wowed by the scent that all the hype built it up to be, but it definitely is something I would spritz onto myself if I had a bottle of it myself. This perfume screams out femininity, slightly fruity yet floral, much reminding me of the DKNY Be Delicious perfume my mum always wore when she had a bottle. It is nice. 

This one also excited me a bit. The only thing I don't like is that the mini sample bottle doesn't have a spray thing on it, and I am really scared to open in because I know I will get perfume everywhere. But I opened it and BOY it smelt good! It is everything you want in a floral perfume. The bouquets are there, but then there is that powdery scent underneath which makes it much more subtle and no headaches will be happening whilst wearing it. No-one likes that feeling. This is £32.50 for 30ml. This lasts for about 4-5 hours so pretty good. 

The final perfume in this box is Just Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli. It is descried as 'a creamy floral' and I don't think it could be described by me or my nose in any other way. It's not creamy in a desert way or anything, but just in a way that makes the floralness less harsh. Making words up there, well done me. But this is a really lovely perfume, which I would recommend to everyone. This is £29.50 for 30ml. And it also lasts for about 4 hours, which isn't too bad.

Thanks for reading guys, what is your favourite perfume? Let me know in the comments!
Bye! Lauren x


  1. Hm you made me want to smell the Just Cavalli one! Sounds like something I'd like x


    1. I really love it! Though, I'm not one to go and spend money on perfumes as I always feel bad spraying it, I shall just have to savour this mini mini bottle! One day, I will get it! :)
      Lauren x


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