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Monday, 22 July 2013

Hi guys!
I'm pretty sure that a weekend doesn't go by without me shopping. I don't always buy things but over the last 3 days I have been on spending mode. Though, everything I bought was either on offer, hugely discounted (in Poundshops etc.) or in a sale. 
I will start with the fashion things as to be honest, there are less of them. 

The first thing I got was this purse from Primark. It feels such good quality and it is pretty spacious too! I love the gold studs as well, and I seriously cannot explain how expensive it looks/feels! It was only £2 half price in the seasonal sale too, and it just made this purchase even better.

So the only other non-beauty purchase of this shopping haul is these pointed snakeskin ballet pumps from Primark, which were £3 in the sale. Megan has these, and I really wanted them when they were full price so I jumped for joy! They are very comfortable too and I cannot wait to wear them. I also bought a couple of presents for my friend for her birthday but I won't show them here in case she is reading!

I ran out of Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, and so I bought 2 more. My mum has a 10% discount code and so the 2 of them cost me £7.54, which isn't too bad. As I am a little tanned, I am inbetween 2 colours, and so I have to buy two to mix them. But following on from this purchase....

... When you spent more than £4 on Collection products, you got a free 'Hot Looks' Nail polish. I chose this bright pink with blue shimmer in it, called 'Siren' and I thought it would be a nice colour for my toes in this heat. 

In Pound Land I found a Milani Sunset Duo's Blush and Bronzer in the shade Sunset City. I love the blush, as it is pretty much a more pink, muted version of the Sleek Rose Gold blush, and it looks very pretty on the cheeks. I also think the bronzer is OK, but maybe a little warm toned for my skin. 

In 'PoundWorld' I also got a pack of 2 NYC items - the first being an Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm in the shade Apple Blueberry Pie, which is actually not available in the UK, and so this made me even more excited when I got it! I wish I had look further to see if there were more colours as I really love this one, but maybe next time. I can see this being a staple for me in summer!

Part 2 of this pack was this NYC Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil, in the shade 'Moody Blue', it is a super pigmented, and soft eyeliner, and although it is not a colour I will really wear, I may get some use out of it one day. I mainly bought the pack for the balm anyway, so I don't mind if I don't get much use out of it anyway.

The last 3 items I have bought are 3 Dainty Doll eyeshadows. I love these and I now have 4 and the eyeshadow base, I am hoping to get more, whilst they are in the Pound stores, such a bargain!
At the top I have Copacabana which is a bright (matte) aqua-blue. Then I have on the bottom left, I have Treat Her Like A Lady, which is a shimmery taupe colour. Then, finally I have Purple Hills, a bright purple with blue shimmer in it. As you can see, I love Dainty Doll shadows, no matter what the colours are!

So, that is absolutely everything I got on this trip. Let me know what you think of what I got, and let me know of anything you have bought recently!
Thanks for reading, 
Lauren x

P.S: My friend Jenna made this hilarious little Youtube video, check it out!


  1. Amazing haul Lauren :-)

    Megan x

  2. This haul looks AMAZING <3 the NYC Lip Balm looks so pretty, I may just have to go out and have a look at that myself :)
    Jasmine @

  3. Wow that taupe eyeshadow is so so lovely, I really want to go into a poundworld and chec out what bargians they have there because I have never thought of looking in one for beauty products, I will now!



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