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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Hi guys!
As a beauty blogger, my makeup collection is rapidly increasing, through PR samples, or just purely my growing obsession for all things beauty related. This means, I am outgrowing my storage space, and MUJI nor Ikea Alex units are within my small teenage budget, and so I was holding on for a long time until I found something that I could add to when my collection grows or that would keep me going for a long time.
The 2 units I actually found were in WHSmiths, each £14.99 or 2 for £22.50 (Buy one get one half price!), and are amazing quality and have enormous amounts of space. They match with the monochrome w/ purple theme of my room too, so just an extra bonus! - what a ramble of an intro, grab a cuppa, because at this rate this post is going to be a long one! I also used the DSLR today, so the pictures are super good quality - yay!

So, this is the makeup storage area. It makes my collection look a lot more condensed than it actually is (until you open a drawer!), and looks very tidy. I have some fake Ikea flowers in an Ikea vase for decoration, and my 'Tatty Teddy' sits on the other end, to fill some space. I have all my brushes on top. The purple cups are from Instore/Poundstretcher and one contains the eye brushes and one contains face brushes. The cup in the middle is from the range and contains my Real Techniques brushes (only 4 so far, but soon to expand), and also some cleaned mascara wands for eyebrow combs.

In the very first drawer, you can see that I have all of my lipglosses. This I have some MUA, Sheercover, A 'Cocktail Kiss' which I have hardly ever used, a mini Urban Decay one, and some others too.

The next drawer along holds all of my GOSH Soft 'n' Shine lip balms at the back (I have 8) and then at the front you see my 2 Anatomicals lip balm/glosses, and then a GOSH Lip Marker, and then my 3 Balm-Stain/chubby stick items, 2 MUA one Revlon - which is soon to grow too! By the end of this post, I think my makeup collection is destined to triple...

As you all most definitely know, I have an addiction of some sort to lipbalms. This isn't even all of my collection of lipbalms, but it is most of them. I have some staples in there like 2 Vaselines (the Rosy Lips one is further back) and also an SPF one, by UltraLip/UltraSun.

So,  this is my lipstick drawer. At the front I have my Sleek Pout Polish and an ELF lip colour, and 2 Rimmel lip liners. Then at the front row, I have my 5 Rimmel lipsticks which I love, and then you see some MUA, quite a few Avon, and some other brands like Natural Collection and Sally Hansen.

Here you can see that this drawer is the home to by cream and powder blushes, along with a Sleek Face Form somewhere, and a GOSH Giant Sun Powder, which I am not a fan of. But I have my favourites there, and I am really loving the creams when the weather is like it is at the moment. I also have a few of the MUA Powder blushes as they are just bargainous.

So onto one of the most full up drawers, the face products. In a little cardboard thing (from a simple moisturiser wrapped in paper haha), I have my concealers. I don't actually have that many, but my favourites are the Collection Lasting Perfection ones and a SheerCover duo I have. I also have my powders, and then some primers at the back but I rarely use them, because they are mostly silicone based and that doesn't work with my skin. I then have some other bits 'n' bobs at the back which aren't very well loved to be honest.

I'm a mascara hoarder. That's the best way I can explain this. I have 2 minis in the back, which are hard to see, so that gives me a grand total of 8 mascaras, why... I don't know. I can't help it. Even if I don't like one I still have it tucked away in this drawer - the worst thing is, I threw a couple away a few weeks back. I'm sorry. I shall not buy a new one until at least 2 have ran out.

Primers and liners. I have the Dainty Doll Frankie Girl eyeshadow base at the back, and then the MUA eye primer. The rest is a stash of liners, though I barely ever use them. Saying that, I do want to purchase some more of the MUA Extreme 3 in 1 contour liners, as they are really nice and are only £1.50 a pop.

 I once got sent a huge batch of eye serums and creams, and I have 4 of them in here, still waiting to be used more than just a small time for reviewing purposes. I also have a moisturiser there which I never use and also a mini Clarins facial SPF/Moisturiser to try.

Shadows. Mono's or duo's live in here. I have some favourites like my ELF 'Pebble' one, and my Rimmel ones, and an old friend which is a simple duo from NYC. I like to wear shadow most days, and this way I can see lots of them which allows me to try out more of them. I also really like the MUA ones which are bargainous at £1 each.

Miscellaneous (is that spelt right?!) drawer. Everyone needs one. I normally keep my H&M beauty blender dupe in here, but it was elsewhere when the picture was taken. I have cotton pads and Q-Tips and then some blotting sheets, nail files, and then some sharpeners for pencils. This drawer is a necessity - I always have these things lying around and now they are controlled and condensed into a drawer. 

The final drawer (at last!), contains all of my eye palettes and larger quads.I have the well loved Naked 2 palette on display there, and then my MUA dupe. I also have 2 SheerCover palettes which I love. I also have 2 GOSH quads in there somewhere and some random ones too. This is one of the drawers which I really love, as I love palettes, for a grab and go look. 

So, that is my makeup collection, and this post literally has taken me 3 days to write! So I will be back with my next post soon, and hopefully I won't keep you waiting for as long!
Lauren x

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