My Top Summer SPF Lip Products

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Hi guys!
So I think here in the UK it is actually safe to call it summer, and with all this sunshine,  I need to whip out some SPF. I also have a lot of lip products and balms with SPF in them too, so I thought I would share my favourites with you. By the way, I am likely to be holding a Blog Sale (yay!) early next week so please let me know if this is something you are interested in. 

Lets get onto the products!

The first product I love is this lip balm with SPF 15. It is from the brand 'UltraSun' and the lipbalm itself is called UltraLip. The company specialise in sun protection, and so I always know that this is a reliable one to keep with me when it's hot. It doesn't have any colour, and it is extremely moisturising on the lips, especially if they have got a little sore from the sun, this will soothe that a bit too. 

Another lip balm with SPF that I love is the Strawberry ChapStick. This only has SPF10 but it still is better than none at all. It has a lovely scent, which bearing in mind I do not like artificial strawberry scents at all, this must be good in some way. It doesn't apply really much colour at all, but if you put a lot of this on you will get a slight tint to the lips. 

Although I really do not like the taste of the Sleek Pout Polishes, they give a nice pigmented colour to the lips and also provide you with sun protection, so sometimes the taste has to be forgotten. This one is in the shade Powder Pink and is the only one I own, and one day I hope they will change the formula so they taste better and then I can buy some more, as they are really good products!

Finally, one of my absolute favourites is the Malibu Lipcare mint flavoured lip balm. This is a lovely moisturising and thick lip balm with a long lasting softening effect on the lips - I do not have to apply this very often at all compared to some lipbalms. This one also has the highest SPF so whilst it has been really hot I have been slathering this on.

So, they were my favourite lip products with SPF in for summer, let me know yours in the comments, as I love to buy more! (I am a lipbalm addict haha!). 
Also, don't forget to let me know if you are interested in me having a blog sale, as I think it may be up at the weekend or Monday!

Thanks for reading! Lauren x

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  1. I'm so bad with SPF on my lips, I usually just wear lipstick, I think I need to invest in a good lip balm with SPF!x

    - Jayne

    Electra Violet

    1. Yeah I used to as well, but now I have these products it's a different story!

      Thanks for commenting Jayne!
      Lauren x


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