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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Hi guys!
I hardly ever wear a smokey eye. Or anything that is not neutral to be honest. 
When this palette was sent to me, I decided that I would start sporting the smoked lid, but that never really happened. I still have tried it though, so that I could review it for you. 
You get 6 colours in this palette, all named on the back. 

From left to right, you have: White Ice, Silver Polish, Soft Coal, Royal Blue, Deep Violet and Starry Night. 

I really do like the packaging. It is a very slim, shiny, black (not always my favourite!), palette, which would be really easy to carry around in a makeup bag if you enjoy the smokey look on a daily basis. 
I like the colours too, you have your classic whites, and greys, but then you also get an almost colbalt blue, an aubergine/purple and then a black with a shot of silver glitter through it. 

As you can see, these are very well pigmented. The shimmer/glitter from Starry Night doesn't actually show up as much as I would have liked, but sometimes that glitter could be too much anyways. I think the smokey eye looks better when it's matte, but maybe only shimmer on the base. I guess these shadows could be a *little* chalky, but they last a long time this way, and they are still easy to blend. 

Overall, this is a good palette, but not one I will wear often. I would really recommend this to anyone that is more adventurous with shadows, but not for anyone who likes neutrals. 
This palette retails for £20.95 from

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Lauren x

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  1. Those colours are really pretty!



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