Summer Wishlist: Sandals

Friday, 26 July 2013

Hi guys!
So, as the weather is getting a lot better, and we are finally seeing a bit of summer *touch wood*, I have been lusting over sandals. Megan from TheBeautyPier has been buying and wearing some really nice sandals, and I have also been obsessed with 'Lily Melrose' or llymlrs and the way she rocks the sandals, and I have really been inspired to get some sandals, and there is no better way to show which ones I am lusting after, than a wishlist post!
Also, if you do read Megan's blog a lot, you will know that on one of her wishlist posts, she did some really nice pictures, and I thought I would try it myself (but obviously giving her the credit!).

I love me some sandals! Haha :)

Pair 1:

These are like, amazing. I love the gold chunky small heel, and I really feel like this is something Lily Melrose would wear, and they would go with everything. I think that I would get a lot of wear out of these, and they are the most expensive pair in this post, but I feel like they are the pair I would want to buy the most.  In my opinion these are such a versatile piece. You can get them HERE

Pair 2:

The next pair are from ASOS, and I feel like I really should actually buy these, as they are now half price to £25 in the sale! They look really comfy again, and I have been into the gladiator style sandals, and the mix of different types of studs in gold and gunmetal is something else that makes me like these even more, as they aren't your typical gladiator sandals. You can get these HERE

Pair 3:

So, these are a little more interesting. I love monochrome, and I love these sandals. The price is great in my opinion considering they are from Topshop, and the quality looks so good! I think if I was to own a pair of these, I would also wear them a lot, because of the simple colour scheme that would match with everything!
These can be purchased HERE

Pair 4:

I really like these ones too. If you couldn't tell already, I am loving the chunky heels on the sandals, or a small height. I love the nude colour of these, and I thought that they would go so nicely with the colourful baggy comfy trousers I have from Primark - you see, I am planning outfits with sandals I don't even have! I like that there are some spiked studs as you can slightly see in the image, as it adds an edgy effect to the shoe. You can get these beauties from HERE

Pair 5:

Finally, you see these ones from River Island. I really like the look of these, as they are just a simple black gladiator sandal, but then they have a very small wedge on it. I seriously love them! These are so simple, but could also match with so many things! That is usually something I look for in shoes, because as I am a teenager, my feet could still grow, and I want to buy a shoe that I will get a lot of wear out of in the year or so that I would have to wear it (this is why, I normally live in Primark shoes aha!). These can be bought HERE

You can also see that I am loving the look of sandals that reach to the ankle area, as I think that they would look a little more flattering for me. 
So, that was my wishlist of all the sandals I have been lusting after this summer. Let me know in the comments what you have really been into at the moment for this hot weather, I love trying out new things! And, also, I am very excited to know that Baby Lips are now in the UK, so I will be hopefully getting some of them when they pop into stores in the next week or two (they are available online at the moment).

Thanks for reading, 
Lauren x


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