Saturday, 31 August 2013

With a mop of thick hair like mine, you can appreciate the time I have to take styling/looking after it. I am one for this 'heatless hair' thang, and blow drying isn't my favourite thing to do. But I realised after waking up with a bushy head of hair, because it hasn't dried fully, I needed something different. When I went to the Graduate Fashion Week, I got a goody bag from Company Magazine, and one of the goodies was this.

Besides the typical harirspray aroma, this could be staple item potential. I tend to spray it 4-5 to each side of the head liberally, I thought it was compressed at first to be a continuous spray, but it is more like a spray-bottle situation. 

Basically, the spray is designed to reduce the time it takes to dry your hair, detangle, and also heat protect for blow drying (up to 220'C to be precise). Everything I need fresh out of the shower. 
Some people have had claims this has damaged their hair? Not mine, I am loving it. 

If you have thinner hair, then it may not be worth the £6.19 for a 200ml bottle, but if it is any thing like mine, run, run to the shops now, and grab it. I think it dries my hair quicker, and I am very enticed into buying another when it runs out. I must admit, the huge barcode right on the front is a little... off putting, shall we say? But that aside, this will be sprayed a lot.

It is easy to get stuck into a simple hair care routine, but when you sit down and think about it, it is nice to try out new things, and more times than not, you will find something you like. 

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  1. Great post Lauren, I have this too!

    Megan x


  2. This sounds strange but good at the same time. I might have to give it a go
    Kirsty x



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