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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Hi guys!
So, whilst delving through my makeup, I rediscovered the MUA Power Pouts (I own 2) and I decided that I should do a review on them as I had some pictures floating around. I will always be loyal to the beloved Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, because the quality of them is like no other and they are more thick and 'stain' like. But these are a nice cheaper alternative if you are just getting into makeup, or are on a budget. These are £3 a pop, and there are about 5 different colours, from red, to nude.

I have the colours Justify, which is a sheer red/orange-coral, and this one was a gamble for me because oranges don't suit me, but the colour inside doesn't give you a spaghetti mouth like the packaging suggests, so it's all good.... haha! I also have Broken Hearted which is a bright pink, with a slight (very small) almost burgundy tone to it. It isn't really close the packaging colour but it follows that idea. You can see in the picture below, that you can actually build up a nice colour with these.

Compared to the Revlon Just Bitten Kissables, these are a lot more balm like, opposed to stain like, and so they have a much more glossy look on the lips,  and sometimes I prefer this, but I am one to prefer the Revlon ones at most times. I find that the colour lasts longer and does actually stain the lips when I wear the Revlon ones, but I do still love the MUA ones for when I want something a little lighter.
I think after writing this post, I think I need to go and buy some more of the Revlon ones! They are 2 for £10 at the moment, for lips, nails and mascara, maybe a balm stain and a lip butter? I could buy 2 of each if I was daring enough, but I feel bad spending once I have got it home!

Thanks for reading,
Lauren x

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  1. I love these they are such good value for money xx


  2. These look so nice, I think I might have to try them out soon! Great post Lauren.

    Millie x


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