NYC AppleLicious Lip Balm Review - Apple Blueberry Pie

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Hi guys!
A few weeks ago, the pound shops had been stocking up on some quality products. I don't always like to buy things from the discount/pound shops, because I feel like I am being very cheap/tight to not buy anything from actual shops, but if it is quality products and I am making a saving, I am more than happy to.
I found a duo set in there, of 2 NYC Products. One was a waterproof liner pencil, and the other was this, AppleLicious Glossy Lip Balm in the shade Apple Blueberry Pie. I was then later informed that this is a shade not available in the UK (I think), which was even better!

You may realise, I have made a collage for this product. You may have also noticed that Megan made a collage for her recent blog post! I promise I am not copying, there is literally no explanation other than the fact that I think we are telepathic. 

I love the fact that this has a little apple on it, in a different colour, but when you apply it, it slightly fades but not completely. The packaging is cute too, pink with silver shimmer in it, and silver writing.They even replaced the 'o' with an apple!

I put the pictures on again, in full just so you could see a little closer. I am very proud of how these pictures turned out actually! If you think I have used too many pictures, let me know, or maybe you prefer it this way?

The product itself is quite sheer and balmy, but you can get a nice colour payoff with this, it is very versatile. I love the colour, a slightly shimmery, blue-pink/almost purple-ish colour, and I have been wearing this so much recently! It is very moisturising and nourishing on the lips too, despite having some shimmer, as sometimes that can leave a gritty feeling on the lips. I seriously adore the smell of this too, it is slightly 'artificially', apple smelling, but you can't help but love it, artificial or not. 

Have you tried any of these balms from NYC? I really want to get my hands on some more, and they are super affordable too, only £2.49 a pop, which is great!
Thanks for reading guys, 
Lauren x

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  1. This looks lovely Lauren! I defiantly need to pop into a pound store and check out the beauty products they stock! Great post and I loved the collage!

    Millie x


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