Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush in Coral Reef

Friday, 2 August 2013

Hi guys!
First of all, this is my 100th Post! Yaaay! 
So, I never really used to be a fan of cream blush, as sometimes the texture doesn't work on my skin, but throughout the time I have been obsessed with makeup and blogging, I have found a few gems.
This blush from Revlon was on my wishlist for a long time after Alix from ICovetThee mentioned it in a video of hers. I got the one in Coral Reef about 2 months ago, and I think it is time for a review.

I like the packaging, as it is small and compact, but still holds a lot of product. I also like that you can see the product through clear packaging, as if you have the other 2 shades (which I hope to get soon!), you can know what's what.

I love the colour, as it is a vibrant red coral in the pan, but then on the cheek, it becomes a muted version of that, and it is just gorgeous! I love the texture too, as it isn't too creamy, it has a slightly satin feel to it, and doesn't make me look too glowy on the face. This is probably the best cream blush I have tried, and I think a purchase of a different colour is in order! I find them so easy to sweep on a blend, with just my fingertips! I would recommend this for anyone on the go, well, to be honest, it is just a makeup bag essesntial!
Since trying this cream blush, I am really in the mood to buy some more! I am thinking that the Bourjois ones look nice, as my local Superdrug refilled the testers today so they weren't all dried out and they look lovely! Let me know what you think!
Thanks for reading,
Lauren x
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  1. Oh that colour is gorgeous! Not sure if coral cheeks would suit me but I definitely want to have a go at this one anyway, plus it's a cream blush which is a bonus for me x


  2. That colour looks lovely, seems really pigmented too! I would love to give it a go :D - hosting a giveaway if you want to join in :D xx


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