Monday, 26 August 2013

A few months ago, I strolled into Superdrug with confidence. It was Megan's birthday shopping trip, and there was a 3 for 2 offer on. I had never been more certain of what I was going to be buying. 'Maybelline The Rocket', I told myself. As the queue was so long, and we wanted to make our money go further by purchasing things in price categories, Megan's mum was very kind and went to pay for the first lot with out money.
The woman at the till asked if we wanted the mascara to be swapped with a new offering from Rimmel, and Megan's mum kindly refused. Somehow, the woman managed to sneakily change it, and I ended up with the mascara I didn't want - but have now grown to love (I just wish it was waterproof).

The packaging is very stand-out. Bright green with black detail and writing. It is quite chunky, but I kinda like that sort of thang. The first few days I got this, it was a very 'wet' mascara, and came across a little gloopy, but after a weeks worth of useage it dried out more. I find bristle brushes dry out a lot quicker than any wtih plastic, from what I have experienced before, so I am trying to finish this off before it is at its un-useable stage.
Rimmel designed this mascara to be layered with as many coats as you desire, and they should still be clump-free and flexible, which I agree to entirely. 

I have some before and after shots, so you get the idea of what the mascara does. It is volumising and thickening, yet lengthening and not clumpy in the slightest. With the chunky wand, it is a little more time consuming with the bottom lashes, and as it isn't waterproof, it has faded/worn by the end of the day, so that is a little down side. 

Before Mascara: Droopy, Light and not-so-interesting lashes. 

After Mascara: Bam, instant difference, Thick, Volumnious, curled Lashes. This picture only does half the justice it should. I wish you could all come and look at my lashes to see the real effect!

After this mascara drama, it taught me to be a little less fussy on the makeup I buy. Although I had heard bad things about the previous Scandal Eyes mascaras, I shouldn't have passed-by this one straight away, Rimmel, I just really wish you would make a waterproof version... I would repurchase this if that was the case! Overall though, a great (mis-judged) mascara. 

Lauren x

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  1. your eyelashes look amazing here! definitely want to try out this mascara xxx



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