Sunday, 18 August 2013

 After blogging on this blog for a few months, and constantly faffing around here and there with widgets, banners, and sidebars, I realised I was just not happy with my blog layout- and I wasn't prepared to spend the money I didn't even have on a full blown fancy layout.  
I had been following a lovely blogger who creates blog designs for a while now, and they had just released a free simple blog template download, so I was right on it, and I have that all here for your eyes to see. I am hoping I can spend more time on quality posts rather than juggling that with tinkering with the layout. I love the simplicity of this layout, but it also adds a nice pop of colour to the layout. I am a little obsessed.
I'm hoping this will encourage me to think up amazing ideas, and really get into detail with my (admittedly at the moment rather slacking) blog posts.
It is always good to keep your eyes peeled in the blogging world, because you never know what you might stumble upon!
Lauren x

*UPDATE - I changed it, again... oops. But I am very happy with my layout now so I don't plan  on changing it again*

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  1. I follow them too, I already love my layout so I didn't change it but I thought it was beautiful all the same :-)


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