Monday, 14 October 2013

Long product names aside, it seems that in a few days I am going to brace myself and fake tan for the first time. I am most certainly scared, I have never done it before, and I am hoping to come out looking more glowy, and less Dorito - a look that was somehow a trend a few months back....
This scrub has been helping me prep for tanning, to make sure my application is the best it can be.

The scrub itself is very thin in the base gel itself, a very runny consistency, but then the exfoliating beads a quite large, which makes it appear thinner. It is almost tinted a brown colour, like a watered down fake tan, but it doesn't transfer any pigment when you actually apply it.
It does seem to remove the dead skin cells without aggravating the skin by being too abrasive, which is why I think it is a great pre-tan product, as it won't irritate anything.
This really is such a great product, and you can get this is in a bigger size (200ml I think), in a nice jar/pot which I think would look even nicer on the body care side of the bath!

Although I haven't every tanned myself, this will definitely be something I use to stop myself looking like a patchy wotsit...

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  1. Great review, it seems really awesome for a tinted moisturizer! I love your blog :)

    Katie xoxo


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