Monday, 28 October 2013

It would appear that I have been doing some shopping recently, but haven't managed to pay full price for anything you see in the image above. That makes the hauling sound a little better...right?

Starting off with skin, I purchased 2 items. The first being the Dr Jart+ Water Sure Gel, a hyaluronic acid based gel which locks in moisture, hence why I use it under moisturisers daily. Basically Hydraluron in a tub, and this cost me £6.50 a month back in a Boots clearance, unusually reduced from the £26.00 they still charge on the website. 
Secondly, I picked up the Garnier Moisture Match Wake Me Up Gel Moisturiser, which I have wanted for a while now, and what better than when it is over half off at £2.37 in Tesco - brilliant. Look forward in the next few weeks of what is ruling the skincare shelf, and you may see one, or both of these featured. 

Onto nails, I accidentally stumbled into TkMaxx, and found a pack of 3 OPI Nail Polishes for £6.99 - What?! I couldn't not pick this pack up, as it was almost half the price of one, for all three. I got A Roll In The Hague, which is a vibrant, slightly red orange, I Don't Give A Rottadam, a dusty, periwinkle with some iridescent, leaning on holographic glitter - and both of these are from the Holland Collection. The other, is called Stranger Tides, a slightly dusty, murky, pale greenish, nudish, hybrid, which belongs in the Caribbean Collection I believe.

Back to makeup. In tesco, on the same trip, I managed to find myself a wee bargain, when spotting this Maybelline Eyestudio Mono in 750 Chocolate Chic, which I thought was matte at first, but in depth, this is a slightly reddy, plummy, dark brown, which is matte in the 'base', but then it has some larger, sparse amounts of iridescent shimmer, and still looks smashing in the crease. This was reduced to 79p, as I think they were decreasing the stand. 

For the same reasons, I found a Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Marker in Wink Of Pink on a whim as it was £1.49, but I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. I don't know whether it has dried already, or the colour payoff or maybe it isn't as pigmented as I remembered on the first use.

Finally, on Saturday, I was waltzing round Boots, as you do, and in a clearance, I found the Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss in 040 Crystal Water, which I have wanted for so long, and the sticker said £3.50, which I thought was a good deal anyway, but as the lady scanned it through, it came to £1.50 - what a bargain! 

So, a bit of a long one for me, but this haul should have cost a total of £86.06, but instead, I paid... £19.64, and something tells me that is a great deal... 


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  1. What good bargains!
    I love the Garnier Moisture Match range so much! May have to pop to Tesco and see if they're still on offer. "I don't give a rotterdam" looks beautiful, would love to see a swatch!

    Jayde |

  2. Great bargains :) I found some OPI nail polishes at poundland the other day which was amazing

  3. They're such good bargains! I really need to keep any eye out for bargains! xx

  4. oooo you're such a good bargain hunter!! i love the moisture match range :-)



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