Friday, 4 October 2013

Autumn has officially arrived, and it is about time to pull out the nail colours. I have realised that it isn't all about the deep plums, and that I can mix it up a bit, but still keep the Autumnal theme running - although there is no doubt that I will probably start painting on a neon pink at some pont... Aside for that, I thought I should share what will be on my digits in the upcoming months.

The leader of the pack (my current most loved), is Color Club's Bright Night, a stunning cobalt blue with a slight hint of purple, and I just love it. I have no words as to how gorgeous this is... I applied this the day I bought it, and I can tell I will be painting it again soon... maybe tomorrow...?

Secondly, there is Eye Candy London's Reddy and Willing - first of all, I like the punny name, but the colour inside is so lovely too. A deep vampy red/ox blood is always a staple for autumn in my eyes, and this one ticks all the boxes - a creme/jelly finish hybrid, and the perfect colour and formula - just great. It even lasts well on me, and my nails don't tend to allow a polish stay put for 2+ days - can anyone explain?

Another well loved staple of mine is the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Lychee, the perfect nude in my collection, and a lovely glossy finish. I also have a GOSH nude, which is a close dupe, but I can't think of the name off the top of my head - both are lovely, and I think these ones are always an option when you want something sophisticated, but without the 'mannequin hands' approach.

Next, is the least Autumnal of the bunch, a NO7 one in Milan  something I got about 6 months ago with my Boots voucher. This is a heavily packed shimmer polish, of pink and silver, which looks kind of like a foil at times, and then sometimes a shimmer... it is mesmerising and I simply love it.

Finally, is this polish from Avon Nailwear Pro called Noir Emerald. A purple/green duochrome polish is all you need to complete the autumn nail colour pack, and I freaking love it. It dries semi-matte, not my perferred formula, but with a coat of Essie Good to Go, the glossiness is back.

My love for nail polish is scarily coming back again, and I definitely do not need to buy any more (though my collection is forever growing), and  am going shopping tomorrow too - not the best of ideas....

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  1. I agree that Lychee is a perfect nude, I use it all the time!

  2. I love the gelly ones! lovely post xx

  3. Perfect picks love all the shades especially the deep green <3

  4. Great post! Thanks for sharing!:)
    I have the n07 milan!:)

    Lovely blog, i'm a new follower!:)
    Please visit my blog too..

    Hugs, Brittany, xx

  5. Love the look of Milan by No7 x

  6. I just bought the Boots No 7 polish in Milan and I love it! The shimmer in it is so pretty and will be fab for around Christmas time :) x


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