Friday, 22 November 2013

I didn't think Bourjois could get any more praise on their range of base products, until their newest addition - dubbed the Happy Light foundation - hit the shelves. Although it isn't what I am reviewing today, it is on my shopping list, just when I finish this bottle of the Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation. 

This is in shade 52 which is too dark for me, but I got it when I was tanned after my holiday, and so I just have to blend it down my neck and I'm all good. 

I can't entirely blame it on this foundation, it could have been when I have used different skincare, but I noticed that when I use this, for a good few days simultaneously, I have been getting a few blemishes here and there. As I say, it could be coincidence, and I hope it isn't this, as I love this foundation. And trust me, it is no event when I get a blemish, more a daily occurence...

This is the 'good skin day' foundation. Light coverage, maybe teetering on the edge between light and medium, but buildable, and concealer can do its job where needed anyway. As for the radiance, I have combination skin, and so this doesn't look as good on me after a few hours wear as it would/does on Megan (her skin is normal/dry and it looks incredible on her all day!), but with a blot, and a powder touch up, it serves me well. And I do look healthy.

I think once I get through this bottle (which I must say is perfect for travelling), I will be skipping away to Boots to get my hands on the Happy Light offering, and lets hope there are no breakouts to follow.. *crosses fingers*


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  1. I so want to try this but I'm scred it won't compare to the high em foundations I normally use!! I really need a cheaper every day alternative though so can I ask if this suits normal -combination skin?

    Thanks ! Love the review ! :) Lisa xxxxx

    1. I have about the same skin type as that at the moment! On any oilier areas, you might need a tiny touch up of powder or to use a blotting sheet once, but it depends on how oily your talking. On any normal areas it will last all day!x

  2. Hey! I tagged you in my "This or That" tag! Check it out! It's a really great simple tag!

  3. hmmm, i might just have to try this! - thank you :-)

  4. Lovely post! I find it amazing how one product can work well for one person, average for another while others completely hate it. I find this to be my favorite foundation and I've tried quite a lot in the drug store. the fact that it's serum formulation I find it doesn't get cakey on the skin which happens with most of the foundations I use. all I wish that it had a tad more coverage.

    if you have time please check out my blog

  5. I wanted this foundation for ages and finally bought and I absolutely love it! I really enjoy reading people's different thoughts on products I own x


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