Thursday, 7 November 2013

I love a good freebie, and my luck has been pretty high when discovering some good free products in magazines recently, although I am still kicking myself because I didn't pick up the ELLE Issue with the Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray in it, nor the one with Benefit's Their Real Mascara - idiot Lauren... Maybe it will happen again one day. 

In the (very early) December Issue of ELLE, you get a choice of 3 Benefit Ultra Plush Lipgloss, either Hoola (which I got), Coralista (which I want), and Dandelion I believe. My mum got me this magazine after knowing how much time I spend at the benefit counters, but never actually pick anything up. 

Hoola itself is a really lovely natural nude/brown, slightly shimmery shade. The formula is great for a lipgloss, is has a very slippy texture, and not sticky at all, meaning you can wear this in the wind and you wont have any hair-in-lipgloss situations. 

The magazine costs £4, and with the 6.5ml lipgloss, I think it is something worth buying. I am definitely spending more time browsing the magazines in WHSmith nowadays, hoping to find some hidden gems. After all, magazines are a really good way to add more high end makeup items to your collection without spending too much, which is great for me being on a drugstore budget. ELLE, put some more Bumble and Bumble in there again...just for me? I promise I won't forget to buy it!


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  1. I love finding bargains in magazines. Amazing what they give away!
    Adore your blog I'd love for you to check mine out!

  2. Hey Lauren.
    Great Post, You can get some great bargains in magazines today as free gifts. Just thought I'd tell you I nominated you for a Sunshine award.
    Take a look here to see the questions: http://talesofbeautypast.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/the-sunshine-award.html
    I can't wait to read your response.
    -Dani x

  3. Think il def have to pick this up


  4. Oooh! Thanks for posting, i'll have to try and grab one of those! xo

  5. I'm kicking myself that I didn't pick this up when I saw it in Sainsburys! Might have to go & make a cheeky purchase tomorrow, haha! I'm not keen on magazines though. Thanks for sharing - following on GFC! xx

    ps. Thanks for sending me your link after the #bbloggers chat yesterday honey!

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