Sunday, 24 November 2013

I know Autumn has near enough passed us now, and Winter is well on its way, but I am still in love with the berry colours, burgundy tones, and anything slightly darker. I have been bracing the dark nails, and I rummaged around in my stash and located a matching lip colour, and the two together look stunning.

For the nails, I have two options, and both are extremely similar. The first is Eye Candy London's Reddy and Willing*, which is just my perfect dark nail colour, and my go to. Then we have GOSH Avantgarde which has been discontinued which is a shame, but I thought I hated this, but after giving it another chance I have realised that it is so pretty. This is what I am wearing in the above picture I believe, and matches exactly with the upcoming lip colour...

For the lips, Avon Plum Seduction is such a match, as well as being a stunning colour. I wear this two ways, neither just as simple and slapping it on from the bullet, but it is worth the time. I either get a tiny bit on my ring finger, and tap it onto the lips for a hint of tint, or I apply it from the bullet, and then blot it down slightly so it isn't as scary looking. I just love this lip colour, heads up to Megan for handing me her extra one of these bad boys.

I definitely have an obsession with the whole matchy-matchy thing, and I'm sure in the next few weeks you'll be seeing a festive red offering of this...


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  1. Absolutely love this shade of lipstick and nail varnish! Great post!

  2. I love both these colours and I love the fact you've matched lips and nails. Such a brilliant idea that I may have to just try out some time.

    Hannah xxx

  3. Avon's so underrated, I love their lipsticks:-) great match!x

  4. Gorgeous colour and I love Avon!! Xx

  5. Gorgeous colours

  6. Such gorgeous shades. I love Avon lip products - they never let me down! x


  7. Beautiful colors :) Love it.

    Ash |


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