Saturday, 2 November 2013

When I first got into nails, and blogging, I always thought that OPI Polishes were way out of my league (aka, too much money, and I would never own any), but some time on, I own 5, and after some success stories in the bargain-hunting department, I will definitely be getting more in the future. I thought it would be a time to talk you through my current collection, but look out because I sense another coming soon in the future if I ever get any bolt-ons.

Starting off with the first OPI I ever bought, it's Red Lights Ahead...Where? A vibrant pink-red, hint of coral, one-two coater little pot of loveliness. I never used to like this when I first purchased it, but as I used it more it has become a staple in my overflowing collection, and gets an outing on the pointers at least once every one/two months. This came from the Holland Collection, which  most of them belong to. 

Another from the Holland Collection is A Roll In The Hague which is a vibrant, slightly red, but closely bordering true orange, and I didn't think I would be too wowed on this one, but I am. I love it, and orange is a colour you can wear it quite a lot of months and seasons, and so I think this one will be worn quite a lot. I don't own anything as close to a true orange as this one. 

The third I have from the Holland Collection is this one, dubbed as I Don't Give A Rotterdam which is a lovely blue/periwinkle, with silver and iridescent shimmer in it, and I was so excited to wear this, but it is so sheer. I have tried it over white, but it didn't quite work, so I'll get back to you on that if it works out, I'm not one for sheer polishes. 

One from the Caribbean Collection is Stranger Tides a dusty, murky, nudish pale green, which I am obsessed with, and I have a feeling that I could be wearing this a lot. It goes with everything, and it has that staple status of a nail polish, and once again, is nothing like I already own at all. 

I'll be quite honest, I was over the whole crackle thing, a few months after its debut, and I haven't used one since. But, considering I found Shatter The Scales from the Amazing Spiderman Collection in Poundland, I got it anyway, and although I won't use it all that much, it is nice to say I have it... sad. If this was a normal polish, it would be my autumnal dream, a rich forest green with sliver sparkles throughout - lovely. 

One day OPI might rule my collection, but for now, I am more than happy with my 'collection', and I'll let the drugstore ones do their thing until I have otherwise...


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  1. That orange is beautiful! OPI varnishes are amazing!

  2. I love OPI but I'm the same as you, a full sized bottle not on offer is just too much for me to justify! Maybe, I'll get adding to my Christmas list!
    I don't give a rotterdam is absolutely gorgeous.

    S xo.

  3. OPI is my favourite nail polish brand, i love finding them in poundland but i would pay full price for the quality!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  4. I have no OPI nail polishes how saddening is that?! I loveeee all their names though, so creative and much more fun than just numbers | UK Beauty Blog



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