Saturday, 30 November 2013

It appears all I have been talking about this past week is nails, and the upcoming party season. I've put the two together, and have a mini edit lined up for you today. Glitter nails are the way to go when you want something a little jazzy to get you in the party spirit. 
I'll start with the standard clear base, sparkly glitter options, and them move on to the more exciting options afterwards. 

Starting with my personal favourite, this is Gosh Girls On Film which is chunky rosy-pinky toned glitter pieces and then smaller holographic glitter in it too. This is brilliant for an accent nail alongside any colour you own. 

Then we have the 'Light Top Coater' Option. Unfortunately, this is discontinued now, but it is Gosh Magic Star which is a iridescent shimmer/glitter topcoat, which once again, looks great on top of everything. This is one to catch an eye on the dancefloor.

Then, we have a really affordable option, of Rimmel Disco Ball which was actually gifted to me in a Secret Santa at school (it wasn't all that secret, I found out this boy had picked my name out the bag in a matter of days...), but it is a classic. There's some silvery, purple toned small glitter in there, alongside a shed load of holographic-ness. I do love this one, though I don't wear it very often at all. 

Moving onto the interesting ones. This is BYS Voo-Doo-Violet so will be super cheap if you can locate it. Basically, this is a purple jelly based polish, with chunky particles of silver, pale purple, and holographic glitters in a few different sizes, some of which sink to the bottom leaving it a little lumpy and bumpy, but the others stay at the top and it looks like you have put in some crazy effort for this mani. Not bad for a pound or two?

Finally, Gosh Holographic Hero or Gosh Holographic if you own that one too (like me, yay)! Strictly speaking, this isn't a glitter, but how can I not include a full on holographic polish in this post. This is full on rainbow effect, and people who don't know much about nails will be in awe of your digits. Beware of the early appearing tipwear, and some minor chipping in a few hours, but for your one party evening, get painting. 

I don't think any beauty junkie can go past festive and party nails without thinking one thing, glitter.


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  1. Barry m have 2 gorgeous new glitter shades out for Xmas!!!

    Great post :)

  2. I love me some glitters :) Your picks look lovely :)

  3. Love these glitter polishes I find gold, red, silver very Christmassy and pretty x
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  4. glitter is always an option for me.. it's so beautiful and festive for this time of year. anytime I do my client's makeup, I highly suggest glitter around this time of year because it's so easy to pull off! thanks for sharing your link with me in the #bbloggers chat today, lovely blog & followed! would love if you'd stop by my blog love!

    -ariel* xoxo

  5. How gorgeous are these. Glitter is a must for the festive season!!

  6. I love glitter polishes!
    Just horrible to take off!

    x x


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