Thursday, 28 November 2013

I am not a fake tan user myself, but as the party season is emerging once again, and most of you will enjoy getting dolled-up, wearing tan, and buying pretty dresses, this post should cater for you.

Prep: To prep the skin, exfoliating and moisturising comes a one or two days prior to doing the whole tanning thing. My chosen exfoliating scrub is the Leighton Denny Sun Believable Expert Tan Body Exfoliator* or a Hello Kitty Liberty one, which works brilliantly at removing any dead skin which could make you look really patchy when the tan settles. Then, I moisturise with the E45 Nourish and Restore Lotion* or a H&M Citrus Passion one which I got a while ago. I prefer the unscented option as it won't irritate with the tan. 

Tanning: I want something quick and easy. I have only used this once, mainly to try it out for this post. This is the Tantastic Instant Spraytan* which for me is simply too orange and noticeable, but for those who really love getting a good helping of tan for the party season, this one is for you. 

Throw on some killer heels, dig out the shimmery pigments, (miss out the alcohol if you are underage, like me), and have a good time this Christmas. 


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