Saturday, 9 November 2013

Like them or loathe them, I have bought some new shoes. Patent esc. brogues to be precise. From Primark. I have been outfit planning for the Clothes Show Live 2013 (it is still a month until I go..), and I decided I needed a comfortable, chunky soled, closed up, shoe which would match with whatever I decided to pair them with - dresses, jeans, the lot.

I found these chunky looking ones in Primark, no shame - although there may be a little of it, as my entire outfit will probably be from Primark, at a rather big fashion event - wild. But, if I saw someone wearing these, I would most certainly think they were darn expensive, and not from anywhere near Primark - result. The best part? These bad boys were £12. WHAT?!

They don't make my feet look like canal boats, and they look smashing with jeans or dresses, and there was no staggering price. Although I will be sporting Primark based attire for the day, I will feel pretty good about it. I also bought the big, black oversized furry/fluffy/hairy cardigan they have out at the moment, and that will be getting an outing on the day too.

Love them or hate them, these could be up there to be my new favourite pair of shoes, and I haven't even worn them out yet.

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  1. I like brogues on other people but I just can't get them to 'work' for me! These do not look like Primark shoes at all!


  2. I love brogues! Sadly my pair fell apart! This pair are lovely I can't believe they're from good old Primark!

  3. Thanks for giving me your link on twitter, you blog is so gorgeous!

  4. I love these! Definitely going to have a look in my local Primark this week! x


  5. Woah, they look smashing! I definitely agree with you, they look double the price and so classy. That's such a great find, I can never find anything in my local Primark - it's a jumble sale in there..
    How shiny are they? Haha, I don't really like patented shoes that reflect the sun, which would be my only qualm!

    ~Hannah xx
    P.S. I found your blog through the #bbloggers chat. :)

  6. Wow gorgeous shoes! They definitely look more than what they cost - which is always a good thing :)


  7. These are so cute! prim ark done good... again!


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