Thursday, 14 November 2013

Every since I got into beauty, I have always been drawn to neutrals, (except from the blue eyeshadow phase I'm sure we all had when we were too young to know that golds and browns existed). It's time to take a tour of the best neutral lip colours I have in my collection - varying in price and formula. 

First on the menu is the Gosh Soft and Shine Lip Balm in Scarlet - nowhere near anything scarlet, but a neutral worth getting if you can locate these anywhere, I found mine a long time ago in a clearance. This gives just the right amount of nude, with a hint of pinkish plum, all in a balmy, comfortable formula, still giving good pigmentation. Love.

Up next is the Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss which is just a lipbalm with a hint of tint, of a peachy, shimmery, nude, which is my go to, when I am just slathering something on without a mirror, as you can't really go wrong. 

The Natural Collection Autumn Sunset Sheer Natural Lip Colour and being the cheapest of the bunch, is actually pretty darn good. It is a perfect nude, and I don't look washed out at all, as it is slightly pinky, and is sheer too, as the name suggests, and so gives a slightly glossy, nude wash to the lips. 

Opposite to the above, this is the most pricey. MAC Faux, which isn't one I hear about all that often if I am honest, but I'm not one of the bloggers who gets a product because everyone else has it. This is high end, an investment, so I make it suited to me, not everyone else. For me, this is the your lips but better shade, and I just blimming love it. 

Back to the high street, we have the Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in 101 which is a pale pinky pink, but this is slightly too baby pink for me, because those types of colours don't suit me, but I know what lots people love this (as do I with the rest of the Kate Lipsticks), and so I included it anyway. 

Finally, a lip liner. This is the Too Faced Perfect Nude Perfect Lip Liner which is an incredible lip liner. It is 100% matte, and does not budge, and I love this paired with any of the above lip colours, and it literally lasts hours. It needs a sharpen, and I can imagine that in the future there will be a stump left of this...

Lip products are my weakness, and so are neutrals. Put them together, and I go a little cray cray. 

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  1. I don't usually wear lighter colours like these, but they look so pretty xx

  2. Some lovely natural lip colours here! I am a big fan of 103 by Rimmel London Kate collection as well. Very similar toning to the 101 :)


  3. Some lovely picks :) I haven't mastered the whole nudey lip thing... I end up looking like a corpse but I'm really liking the pink toned shades you've shown.

    Love Kate xx

  4. Hello :) Just letting you know that I love reading your blog and so have nominated you for the Sunshine Award :) xx

  5. Ah I love Rimmel 101, such a shame it doesn't suit you!
    Daisie Petals

  6. love the Gosh Soft and Shine Lip Balm in Scarlet! :*


  7. i love a neutral lip - i actually have two of these myself :D xx


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