Friday, 6 December 2013

Diverting away from the Christmas posts for a day, over the past month or two this Barry M Blink Eyeliner has quickly become my favourite eyeliner. I haven't tried many before, but the simplicity of using this has won me over.

This is a felt tip eyeliner, which I find the easiest type of liner to use. I basically draw on whatever shape I like, whether that is a dramatic wing, a small wing, or no wing at all, (some of which are demonstrated in the picture above), and it will last all day. I love that the pen tip is a spongey-foam kind of thing, as it just makes the application so much more flexible and quick. 

This is waterproof and smudgeproof, and all the other good stuff. I have only ever had this smudge on me once when my eye watered and I went crazy rubbing my eye because I forgot I had eyeliner on. School Girl Error. For £4.19 though, and for how blimmin' good this is, I will be repurchasing to my heart's content. 

If you suck at eyeliner, go and buy this. I was awful at liner, and after buying this, the amount of compliments I have gained isn't countable on my two hands...

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  1. This does look reeeallllllyyyyy lovely. I may just buy this next time!
    Love from Jasmine @

  2. So cheap and looks amazing. Might have a look when I'm shopping next!


  3. Hey Lauren!
    Thanks for sending me your link through Twitter on the #bbloggers tag! Love your blog! I love posts on eyeliner. I always seem to find the ones that smudge or the liquids that run into the eye and make you cry.. haha So hopefully this can go on the list to try! Anyway..Just wanted to send you some comment loving, I'm now following you on bloglovin' and G+. Hope you will come check out my site and add me too! :)

    Lucie // Fatbeautyx // Youtube

  4. Ive never really thought of trying Barry M for makeup as to me they're more of just a nail polish brand, hover the eyeliner does look amazing and flawless, for such a good price too, definitely need to purchase myself one of these! :)


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