Monday, 30 December 2013

Another day, another haul. I haven't done a haul for what seems like months, and probably is months, but I am trying to elongate the festivities and what better way that to shop you the bargains I picked up in the sales. I didn't get these on Boxing Day, but the following few days count if you ask me. I did get some clothing but it was awkward to photograph, so you will have to wait until some fashion posts for them to get their debut. 

So, these items are form Matalan and ASDA both of which, places I don't tend to shop in on a regular basis, but these bargains definitely will be getting a lot of wear. 

So, the 3 jewellery items are from Matalan all of which were half price in the sale. The first is currently on my finger now, and is this adorable midi ring, which has a ladybird on it for detailing, and I thought this was the cutest ring ever. This was £1.50 half price, which is a bit of a bargain.

I also got this pair of round earrings, which have some jewel detailing all over, so for a little bit extra bling when you wear them... Did I actually just say that? But cringe worthy phrases aside, these were £1.50 too, and I am excited to get some wear out of these.
Finally on the jewellery front, I got this set of 3 pairs of heart shaped earrings. There is a gold pair, a silver pair, and also a gunmetal shade which is really edgy, but the heart shaped frame still makes them look dainty.

So, the other two things were kind of on the knitwear side of things. Also from Matalan I got this purple/aubergine chunky knit scarf with some fluffy tassles at the end and a tiny bit of shimmer in it if I am right, and I absolutely love this. I may be a few months behind, but I now have a scarf which shall be keeping me cosy in the upcoming few months. That isn't to say though, that I will stop hunting for the perfect tartan scarf must I add. This was half price at £3, so totally worth it.

Finally, from ASDA I got these huge, chunky knit, colourful long socks, which I have been wearing a lot, just lounging around the house. These were also £3 (from £5), and I shall me wearing these oh-so-much.

Bargains everywhere. I think I need to keep the spending at bay now, but a day with Megan tomorrow could mean otherwise...


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