Sunday, 29 December 2013

For the first year, I got up slightly earlier in order to make my way to the local town centre to grab some beauty bargains (the Boots half price sale was where I was headed first, of course). I got a few bargains, as well as some great fashion and clothing bargains, so if you were interested, let me know in the comments if you would be interested in seeing a post on those bits. 

The first item I got in Boots was the Soap and Glory Once Upon A Lime gift set, which was halfprice from £18 to £9, which is a bit of a bargain, considering you get a full sized Sugar Crush Body Buttercream, a mini of the Sugar Crush Body Scrub and also a half size of the Sugar Crush Body Wash, along with a shower puff, coming in at a value of around £19.75 so even at full price the value was there.

Also from Boots, I got the Toni & Guy Matthew Williamson for Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe set, which was £6, containing what I would say are deluxe travel sized/mini products, one being the Prep Heat Protection Mist, another the Cleanse Dry Shampoo, and the last being the Creative Firm Hold Hairspray and the packaging and bag are just gorgeous. 

Finally, I got this Charlie Set which has 2 body sprays, and a Revlon Girly Nail Polish which I have been wanting to try for ages, and the set totalled in at £4, which is 2p over half the price of the polish alone, so another bargain there. 

Moving onto Lush. I got 3 induvidual products (well, 5, but 2 of them were for Megan), and a boxed set containing 3 more products. The Snow Fairy Box Set was £6.25, which included a 100g Snow Fairy Shower Gel, a Shimmy Shimmy Shimmer Bar and a 70g Angels Delight Soap all of which smell incredible. 

I got the Shoot For The Stars Bath Ballistic (x2), which smells like fresh, uplifting citrus, and I cannot wait to plonk this in my bath. I can't quite remember the price, but it was 50% off in the sale, so was most probably a bargain. The other which I got 2 of was the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar which is a calming, slightly floral (I would like to say subtle lavender), which is going to be something I use a lot at night to relax. Finally, the Melting Snowman Bath Melt made it's way into the basket, and is a creamy, slightly spicy and cinnamon scented melt, and I cannot wait to use this one also. All 5 individual products, and the box set came in at £13.35 which is bargainous. 


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  1. Wow you got some real bargains!!

  2. The soap and glory stuff is a bargain!
    Gold Dust

  3. You got some great bargains! I was also on the lookout for Soap & Glory sets - it works out so cheap in the sales! Plus that Matthew Williamson bag is amazing!!
    Glad I came across your blog, you've got a new follower here!
    I just posted about some of the bargains I found in the Boxing Day sales - would love if you could check it out. :)

  4. you got some lovely bits and pieces!
    i picked up the soap and glory set too, such a bargain! x

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