Thursday, 19 December 2013

Possible a little blogger cliche, today is the day in which I share some of the beauty picks on my Christmas Wishlist this year. Although, there are a few other bits on the list, and I would never expect to receive everything I asked for, but these are some which I thought I could share with you as the possibilities that I could be lucky enough to see under my tree.

Skin & Body 

Being a slight bit of an Origins fangirl I thought Christmas would be the prime time to get started with the brand. The face masks had always intrigued me, and so this Origins Mask Marvels Set was written straight on my Christmas list. You get 3 75ml face masks (the Drink Up Intensive 10 minute mask, Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask and Clear Improvement Mask) for £25. The value for money is what got me, with the 50ml masks being £11 individually anyway.

Another body set is the Soap and Glory Relaxstation Set which has again, an amazing value for money. This one comes in a £20, with a few full sizes, a few minis, a hair turban towel, and also a 'loofah' if that is what they are called? I must say also Clean on Me shower gel is a firm favourite of mine so a full size shall be well loved.

I guess this links into skin, which is MAC Fix+. I recenty watched a video where ViviannaDoesMakeup talked about stippling this on with a brush to take away any powder-cakeyness, and it drew me in right away.


The Smashbox It's Your Prime Set has been catching my eye for a few months now. The thought of an under-eye primer makes me very excited, and I am an eyeshadow base junkie so that'll be used a lot. And then to top it all off you get the Photofinish Primer which has gained a bit of a cult-status by quite a few bloggers this year.

This Benefit Hot 2 Trot Set looks pretty darn good. You get a full size Bella Bamba box blush, alongside what I would call a deluxe mini of the Cha Cha Tint stain for lips and cheeks. Rolling in at the price of the blush alone, this isn't all that bad of a deal.

Finally for makeup we have the No7 The Eye Collection which in all honesty, I purely wanted for the Eye Blend and Contour Brush, but for less than double the price of the brush you get 3 shadows and a pencil smudgy brush in there as well, which is totally bargainous. 


Whenever I walk past The Body Shop all that pops into my mind is the thought of the White Musk Smoky Rose Fragrance which smells incredible. I cannot explain scents, so I won't try, but if this was to be under my tree I would be very, very happy. 

As I said, I am grateful for anything I receive as gifts from anyone, and the same goes for this year. 

What's on your wishlist?


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  1. Oo I keep seeing the origins gift set on wish lists and I want it so bad!

  2. I haven't seen the hot 2 trot set?! Looks gorgeous and heard a lot of good things about origins xx

  3. Great picks! I've heard some really great things about smash box primers. Love the origins set, it's on my list too!
    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic



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